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Normally if we said Blog Mean then what we will understand?

We understand what is the meaning of a Blog. That is the real thinking behind creating this blog - BlogMean (Currently Times Of Industry group of blogs / Websites). Let's come to the detailed history behind BlogMean. On 17th November 2015, My self (Pritam Datta) bought a domain name & created my 1st ever WordPress blog. When I am writing about the BLOGMEAN then it will be unfair, if we do not let you know, where I get the idea & inspiration to create a blog with a dream that I will make money by creating articles on my blog & I will make my living out of the blog.

I got this idea from Harsh Agrawal founder of ShoutMeLoud. If you are a blogger or Digital Marketer then you probably know the name of Harsh Agrawal. He is the chairperson behind the famous blog called ShoutMeLoud. Like he was an ordinary person like all of us & made ShotMeLoud & rest is history, I also created BlogMean & tried to make the rest will be history.

But you probably know that In any industry when someone is got success & popularity, then everyone starts following the person & dreams that of he also got the chance to live their famous personality life. But no one thinks about the HARD WORK he has done to achieve that success. No one counts the sleepless night he has spent to reach that position.

Unfortunately, I was also one of them who thought I will also create that history. With that dream, I started BlogMean & started reading & learning about blogging, internet marketing. Years passed & I started my earnings from my website BlogMean. But all the incomes are coming from Sponsored Guest Posting & backlinks selling. Because rather than concentrating on article quality I am posting on my website, I concentrate to create backlinks for my website & for this reason my websites DA & PA (Domain Authority & Page Authority) increased. But I am posting low-quality articles, So I am not getting enough traffic from search engines like Google, yahoo & any other search engines.

Then 1 thing happened & everything changed. Google Algorithm update & Don't know why I found that my website SPAM Score has increased & DA & PA dropped. If you don't know about the Google Algo Update then you can check this tweet to know more google search updates.

For this reason, the number of sponsored guest post requests has decreased a lot and it has gradually stopped. And I just lost my hope. The situation came when I am not able to make that much money from my blogs which I am investing yearly basis for hosting & domain purposes. So, I decided to not renew the hosting & domain & I started completely stopped blogging & start concentrating on my regular job.

But due to all this happened to me, I learned a lot & by the time experienced a lot about the blogging industry, Google Search algorithm, Internet & Digital Marketing. One of the good things happened to me during this time, I started loving this kind of work & eventually I found my passion which is the Internet. Doing several types of amazing works became my hobby.

You will say that we all love to play & surf the internet. It's all our hobbies but what I understood my hobby is something different. My hobby is what I am learning from the internet, giving back to the internet in a more efficient way with more in-depth knowledge. So that other also can be benefitted by this. 

So, My website BlogMean was expired but my hobby has not changed. I keep continuing my leanings from the Internet. Then time flies & 2020 came.

2020 The worst year of the world but this year gives me enough time to think about my passion again & helped me to take the decision to follow my passion once again. So, again we are back with Times Of Industry dot com with some new goals & long-term dreams. That's the history behind BlogMean (Currently Times Of Industry).

Currently, there are 3 websites are running on the internet which are coming under the TimesofIndustry group of Blogs & Websites. The 3 websites which are coming under TimesofIndustry group of Blogs & Websites are mentioned below.




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Allow me to formally introduce myself to you: My name is Pritam Datta and I am a man who is passionate about Blogging, Internet marketing & technology.

Formally educated as an Engineer, I am now a Mechanical Engineer by profession.
I completed my primary education from the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education and completed my Diploma in Engineering from Hooghly Institute of Technology under the West Bengal State Council of Technical Education.

I am an average person who believes we got one life to live. I know one thing for a fact is: Experience is more important than money.

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Pritam Datta.

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