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If you are Gammer or you love to play online games on your desktop, laptop, or on your mobile phone, then you must have heard about the Fearless And United – Guards (FAU-G) game which is going to launch for all the gammer in 1st week of December 2020. That may be 1 of the good news for game lovers in this year 2020.

In September, when the Indian government banned the PUBG mobile game in India, All the PUBG lovers like Indian Govt has been banned their life but that times FAU-G release news gave all the game lover hope. FAU-G is a multiplayer game & as per the official news, 20% of the net revenue of the multiplayer game would be donated to the Bharat Ke Veer: India’s Bravehearts trust. It also stated that this game would educate the game lovers & players about the sacrifice of our soldiers for our nation.

Studio Encore Pvt Ltd announced a domestic-enhanced alternative called FAUG, abbreviated to The Fearless and United Guards. And the time has come when we can say, The game is now live on the Google Play Store and It's already open for pre-registration. If you are already pre-registered for this amazing game initiative by Akshay Kumar, you will receive a notification on your mobile phone once the game is available for download. Details such as official release dates, game sizes, compatible devices are still not disclosed. You will receive all the information related to this amazing game whenever the information will be released officially.

As per the Google Play Store description, the battlefield of the game will be "Northern Frontier of India" where a team is fighting for the pride and sovereignty of the nation. Players will get the skin of a "patriotic soldier". Also, you can find several screenshots of the game that give us a glimpse of what the soldier's skin will look like and what will be the weapons soldiers will use.

1 Min treasure is already published by the game company & Akshay Kumar has tweeted the official teaser of the game on his Twitter account but more details still not shared by the game developing company.

nCORE Games, a Bengaluru-based mobile games and interactive entertainment company developed the much-awaited mobile game Fearless And United – Guards (FAU-G) with the mentorship of our most loved Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar.

How to Download Fearless And United – Guards (FAU-G):-

There are very simple steps for downloading the Fearless And United – Guards (FAU-G) game on your mobile phone & start playing. As we have already told that Pre-registration already started for the game & as per official news, it will be available to play within December 2020. If you have already preregistered for this game then you will get a notification on your mobile phone to start downloading & start playing.

As per the news, some users are getting the message that "Your device is not compatible with this version" & tweeted this problem to the game developers & tagging Mr. Vishal Gondal ( 
Marathoner! Gamer, Entrepreneur, Investor, Sportsman, Fitness Geek B.C 2016, TEDster CEO @GOQii #betheforce founder @ncore_games indiagames (now Disney) ). The company is already working on this & Mr. Vishal Gondal confirmed in his tweet.

We suggest you check that your device or mobile phone is compatible with the game or not. Here are the steps for pre-registration for the game & check mobile phone compatibility for the FAU-G game.

Step 1: Players can click here to visit the pre-registration page.

Step 2: Click on the "Pre-register" button.

Step 3: A dialogue box will appear in front of you on your mobile screen to confirm the registration for the Fearless And United – Guards (FAU-G) game. Click on the "OK" button.

After completing these 3 easy steps you are ready for downloading & start playing this amazing FAU-G game. Whenever the game will be live in the Google Play store you will be automatically informed.

Update 03-12-2020:

The FAU-G game manufacturing company nCore has tweeted all the Indians a thank you note because the game has been already crossed 1.06 million pre-registration within 24 hours of launching pre-registration in Google Play. Here I am sharing the official tweet, which has been shared by nCore - Bangalore based game manufacturing company. If you are reading this post & also you are interested in android mobile gaming, then you are always welcome to do pre-registration for the game. As I have previously shared you will get a notification whenever the game will be officially launched for download. Just click on the link - from your android mobile phone & do your pre-registration for the FAU-G game.

How to Download FAU-G game APK file

Like any other mobile games, you can download the FAU-G game apk file from the FAU-G game manufacturing company (n-Core) official website or you do not have to wait for the apk file, you can just visit the google play store & you can search for FAU-G game & download the original authenticated FAU-G game in your mobile phone. Also, we will update the link to the FAU-G game apk file as soon as it is available for download.

Difference between FAU-G & Pub-G

Difference no -1:- 1st of all the one & only major difference between FAU-G & PUB-G what have the most matter to us is Fearless And United – Guards (FAU-G) is totally an Indian game developed by Bangalore based mobile game manufacturing company nCore games & PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PubG) is published by PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of South Korean video game company.

The Millions & Billions of money PUB-G is generating from Indians audience directly goes out from India & its also effecting the Indian economic system. Where due to FAU-G is totally an Indian manufacturing game, so all the money which the game will generate will be used to improve the Indian economy as well as some percentage of income will go to Bharat Ke Veer (भारत के वीर) - (a fund-raising initiative by the Indian Ministry of Home Affairs, Indian Government on behalf of members of the IPF (Indian paramilitary Forces). We are feeling proud to say that The initiative was launched by FLT LT MUKUND B VALA, Akshay Kumar, and Rajnath Singh.

Difference no-2:- PUBG mobile India does not have any difference from PUBG global version. They are just trying to enter India by changing their names or changing their strategy to capture the Indian wide audience & PUBG is more a battle royale game just like the global version of the game rather than an action game. But Indian make FAU-G is more an action game rather than a battle royale game. Officials have confirmed, on various occasions that PUBG Mobile is not a competitor for FAU-G mobile.

Difference no - 3:- 
Though the mobile game company has not specified anything about the 1st phase of the game. It is guessing that the very 1st episode of the game on GALWAN VALLY to tribute to the martyrs of Galwan - Their courage and action and for bringing the nation together. This means that the game will be based on real incidents & experience not just based on the imagination like PUBG mobile. As not specific details have been revealed by the authorities, we are waiting for the information about the weapons that will be used in this game & other details.

Difference no - 4:- The privacy of each player's information will never be an issue as it will be stored within the country but PUBG is banned due to its data security & privacy policy issue of each & individual players.

Update on 24th January 2021

You probably know this amazing news regarding the FAU-G game release date. Our most beloved Indian Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar already tweeted the official launch of the game on the Republic day of India. Yes, On 26th January 2021, The Fearless And United – Guards (FAU-G) game will be available for every Indian to play & experience the life journey of an Indian Soldier.

Now this game will be available for every android user & if you have already pre-registered this game in the google play store then after launch this game will be automatically downloaded to your mobile phone. Or if you have not done registration, then also you will be able to download the game from play store after 26th Jan 2021.

Stay tuned with us. We will share each & every update of the Fearless And United – Guards (FAU-G) game in this post.


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