Blogging For Beginners - How Much Profitable To Start Blogging in 2021?

Hey guys, Today, we are again coming up with a great article on Blogging for Beginners & the blogging industry’s future. Actually, we will focus on it is profitable to start blogging in the future. This article will help anyone willing to start their own career in blogging in the coming years.

This is a topic where everyone has different opinions. Some say that Blogging was easy in the past, but in today’s blogging industry, there are lots of competition are there & now; advertising is ruling the internet. No SEO strategy helps get organic traffic from search engines. Others say that blogging is more profitable in the coming future as everyone is going digital & internet users are increasing day by day. So, in this meantime, blogging can be more profitable than the previous time.

So, We asked some bloggers about their opinion on the given topic who have min 5 years of experience in this industry & ruling the internet for the last couple of years. 
So, let’s have a look at what other bloggers think about the above subject.

Blogging for Beginners: Is it profitable to start Blogging in 2021?

Yes, blogging is one of the most profitable ways to earn passive income online. It provides you the base where you can create a community that can work for you like your platform.

By establishing these platforms, you can earn money. Most importantly, there is no limit to making money through blogging. Many bloggers are independently making millions through blogging. Many multinational companies who have previously ignored blogging’s power are now starting their blogs from a broader perspective. If you think you possess a creative writing skillset on a particular topic and you can master a few more technical skills like SEO and Marketing. Blogging is your thing. Although blogging is not that hard, you can learn everything gradually. But it certainly requires lots of persistence and talent to earn money from blogging. You will make millions of mistakes in your blogging journey. But if you keep that learning factor within you, blogging will eventually become easy for you. In the estimation that the entire planet will get connected through the internet in the coming years, and business will become easier through it. It means that many opportunities are waiting for bloggers. There is scope for every niche. Therefore, don’t wait for the right time because the best time to start a new blog is now.

Santosh Gairola -

Blogging for Beginners - Is it profitable to start Blogging in 2021?

It’s never too late to start Blogging. In short, stop reading this post right now and go and start it. I would say it is the best time to learn and earn through Blogging. The zone of Digital Marketing is also extending like fire after the covid situation. Moreover, when a person starts Blogging, they also slowly start learning various things about the Internet. By the way, everyone knows the future of the Internet. There’s nothing to worry about.

Mahammad Sakil Ansari -

Blogging for Beginners - Is it profitable to start Blogging in 2021?

YES & NO. 

It completely depends on your niche, approach, content, and, finally, SEO! If you are waiting for 2021 to begin and then find a ‘muhurat’ (an auspicious time to begin sth) for starting blogging, then NO, it’s not going to be profitable for you.

If you are only thinking of ‘profits’ from blogging in the first place, then NO, it’s not going to be profitable for you. It would be best if you got your hands dirty at first, experiment, learn from your experiences, and ameliorate.

When it was easy to rank and bank, the golden era of blogging is now gone, and the old school SEO methods don’t always work. The increased competition and search engine algorithm updates have only made it tougher for all of us. My only advice to the newbies who want to start blogging in the coming future will be, don’t quit your studies, or your job, for your blogging. Try to start it as a part-time thing and see where you are going. It is good to have multiple sources of income. And try to focus on delivering better content. 

Content is the backbone of a blog. It can make or break a blog completely. Don’t compromise on the content. And don’t chase profits right from the beginning. Focus on growing the blog first. Earnings will follow. Thank you. :)

Nirmal Sarkar -

Blogging for Beginners - Is it profitable to start Blogging in 2021?

Undoubtedly profitable! But more competitive.

Future years are all about information business, and people love blogs they can rely upon. Blogging is not an easy business anymore. But it’s certainly one of the most convenient modes of making money. There are millions of blogs. To make blogging your source of living and income, make sure your blog stands out for 3 things:

  1. Usefulness
  2. Ease of navigation and receiving the information
  3. Optimized well for both readers and search engines

Lastly, you hear all the time; content is the key to profitable blogging. But picking up the right niche/subject is the key. Content creation is an activity you have to keep doing forever. The more you do, the better you do, the better you promote and advertise, the more money you make. So, begin right with the right niche. See the help of blogging mentors. Be a learner until you’re able to replicate a profitable blog into multiple.

It takes a year to see the outcome or a glimpse of the money. Have patience. Hang on in there.

Sunita Biddu -

So, we have understood what top bloggers from the industry thinks about the future of blogging. Now I am sharing a bit from my experience.

Blogging for Beginners - Is it profitable to start Blogging in 2021?

I am in this blogging industry since 2016; I have learned a lot about blogging in these years. So, When I am talking about the future of blogging, then it completely depends on the bloggers. What type of future they want to make in their blogging journey. I always said that Consistency & long term orientation is the key to success in any industry & blogging is not different from this.

To be successful in blogging.

You need to understand “why you are blogging or came into this blogging industry. There are a lot of bloggers & Internet marketers out there. They are doing their work as per their best of ability. Then why anyone reads your content? Why Google put your content on the first page of Google search results”.

Just think about it before entering this blogging industry. Do not think about the money. The potential of earning money through blogging is endless. Don’t think about it. Just try to put 10x best of information available currently on the internet. Nowadays, google algorithms are highly qualified to search out the best articles on the given subject. If you provide information, it will not be so hard to come on the first page of Google & get lots of organic traffic. And you know organic traffic is the best reward you can get as a blogger & internet marketer & money will follow you with the traffic.

Pritam Datta -

So, when we are talking about blogging for beginners – Future of blogging Industry, if we don’t talk about the different types of earning methods through blogging, it will be an incomplete article. In the How to Start Blogging & be an entrepreneur article, we have shared all the things step by step how you can start blogging & earn money through blogging. Just for your quick motivation, I can add that in affiliate marketing, there are some companies available who can provide you nearbout 5000/- INR for just one qualified affiliate signup. So, now you can easily understand how much you can earn from blogging.

I hope you get all the information regarding blogging for beginners you are searching for on the internet. If you need any more information, then just put your query in the comments section below & we will try to cover that topic too in the article or create a completely new post for the given topic.

Sharing is caring. If you want to come into the blogging profession, your blogging path will be hard without a good community of bloggers. Please share this article with your friends & family & encourage them to start blogging with you.

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