How I Get Approval for Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card without Salary Slip or Income Documents

So, Today's post is for all the friends who are willing to get an AMAZON Pay ICICI Bank Life Time Free Credit card & this credit has become popular, after the release of the credit card in collaboration with Amazon India & ICICI bank in 2018. You can understand the popularity of the credit card among all the Indian citizens by its milestone. After the official release of this credit card, It crosses the 1 Million milestones within 2018 & it has made this credit card the fastest in India to cross the 1 Million mark. The reasons behind this amazing milestone achieved by Amazon Pay ICICI bank credit card are mentioned below.

1) Any Indian citizen can apply for this card.

2) This credit card is a lifetime free credit card.

3) It will be easier to get this card if you have an amazon India account & if you are a regular customer of Amazon.

4) You can apply for this credit card if you are not an ICICI bank registered customer. ( ICICI bank will open an ICICI bank account if you are approved for the credit card & you will be able to login to ICICI Bank Internet banking & check the credit card details.

Key features of Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card:

  1. One of the most amazing features of this credit card is, this is a lifetime free credit card. You neither have to pay any cost in time of applying for this card nor you have to pay any types of yearly charges to avail this credit card.

  2. You can earn unlimited reward points & cashback by spending through this card as per the card rules. Here are some cashback & reward you will get by using this credit card. 

    a) You can earn 5% cash back for shopping on the Amazon India website for Amazon Prime members and 3% cashback on the Amazon India website for all other customers (Without prime members). Amazon made this type of strategy to get more Prime members to avail 2% extra back on their spendings.

    b) You can get 2% back for any types of spending on digital categories on the Amazon India website like bill payments, recharges, payments to Amazon Payment Balance, Travel Ticket and Movie Tickets bookings, etc. Also, there is a lot more option are adding day by day by in amazon pay where you can do transaction & get 2% unlimited cashback but this cashback will store into your amazon pay wallet & it will not be credited to your credit card. You can always use this balance to use other many types of transactions like Mobile, DTH recharge, or pay through scanning QR code, etc.

    c) In addition to all the benefits I have mentioned, You will get 1% back in your account by doing transactions anywhere, where Visa cards are accepted. Customers also get a fuel surcharge waiver and no-cost EMI options for any big selection on amazon India websites. Also In the time of Amazon Great India festival, Amazon offers up 10% cashback or discount offer for this credit card, which can be avail doing a purchase on the Amazon India website the time of Amazon Great India Festival. Also to let you know there will be no earnings on fuel, EMI transactions, and gold purchases.

  3. Here to clarify that somewhere you will see rewards points instead of a direct cashback offer. Here One reward point is equal to one rupee applicable for Amazon Pay ICICI credit card & There is absolutely no upper limit for reward points or cash back you can earn in this credit card. There is no validity of earned reward points and can be redeemed through purchasing any product through the Amazon India website.

How to Apply & Get Instant Approval for Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card

First of all, I am sharing what is the basic rules of applying for an Amazon Pay ICICI bank lifetime free credit card. Any Indian citizen willing to apply for this credit card can apply through the Amazon India website. Amazon India & ICICI bank claims that all the processes will be done in a paperless way. The bank will send you the physical credit card to the customer within a few days through any reputable courier services.

To apply for an Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card -

Step 1:- Visit (You need to login in amazon India website through your login Id & Password). If you are login through your laptop or computer then for security reasons you may get a notification in your registered mobile number or registered mobile handset. You need to tap on the allow button or if you have received any link through SMS, you have to open the link & click on allow login. Then only you will be able to log in to your Amazon account through your laptop or desktop.)

Step 2:- After successful login, you will be able to see the Amazon Pay credit card pay & there will be an option to apply for the credit card. You need to fill up some basic details like Aadhar card Number, PAN Card number, name, address, age, etc. After that, you may need to verify your account with Aadhar based OTP system.

Step 3:- After successfully applying for the credit card you will be able to see two options for KYC verification (Know Your Customer Verification). This is a must to approve your amazon pay credit card. There are two options for KYC - Video KYC verification & In-person KYC verification. 

Step 4:- If you choose In-person KYC then you have to wait for min 5 to 7 days to visit the ICICI bank representative to visit your home & complete the KYC. You will need the below documents for In-person KYC verification.

i. Any government-issued address proof like Aadhaar Card /Driving license / Passport or Voter ID card.
ii. PAN card (only if your full Date of Birth is not mentioned on your Aadhaar card).
iii. Your Income Documents like Latest Salary Slips, 3-month bank statements (for salaried).
Latest ITR with income computation statement (for self-employed). This is a must because the credit limit depends on the income proof documents you have submitted in time of KYC.

Step 5:- If you have chosen VIDEO KYC, then it can be done through your mobile phone or on your laptop or desktop. You can choose your preferred time for video KYC within bank official timings. You need to wait min 5 mins to 15 to 20 mins for connecting to the ICICI bank representative through a video call.

Step 6:- Then the ICICI bank representative will ask you to share your location & you have to share your location in the time of video KYC & the current location address should match what you have mentioned at the time of applying for the credit card. If the current location & the address you have mentioned during applying for the credit card is not matched then you may not get approval for the credit card.

Step 7:- You need to keep ready your physical PAN card & paper & pen with you during the video call with the ICICI representative & always stay in good lighting condition because they will take a picture of your PAN card through video call & you need to do a signature in the white plain paper & they will also take picture of your signature. That's the process of VIDEO KYC to get an ICICI bank Amazon Pay lifetime credit card. After you need to wait min 1 week to 10 days for approval & you can check the status on the Amazon India website.

Step 8:- If everything goes well, then you will receive your amazon pay credit card at your home address with 10 to 15 days of applying. Please note that some valid govt IDs are required to show the courier delivery boy to confirm your identity. In my case, the credit card is despatched through Bluedart courier & I have shown my Aadhar card to the courier delivery boy to receive the credit card.

Please note that sometimes, a courier delivery boy may call you to check & confirm your location. If you fail to confirm your location, then the courier delivery boy may reject your delivery & return your credit card to the ICICI bank officials. So, please be alert when it's time to deliver your card to your home.

How I Got Approval for Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card without Salary Slip or Income Documents:

I have already mentioned the official process of How you can apply for the ICICI bank lifetime free credit card, now I am sharing my personal experience How I able to get the lifetime free credit card from ICICI bank without sharing my Income proof to ICICI bank. Personally say, ICICI bank has not asked me to share my salary slip or any other income documents but they have confirmed my original employment through sending an email to my official id & I need to share my PAN card details from my official id. That is the way they have confirmed my employment.

1.5 years back I got a first credit card from Axis bank through sharing my all original last 3 months salary slips & other documents required. Thanks to Axis bank that time I require a credit card urgently & Axis bank helped me by providing Axis bank MY ZONE credit card. Within 2 months again IndusInd Bank helped me by giving approval of IndusInd Bank - Platinum Aura Credit Card which is also a lifetime free credit card from IndusInd Bank.

Let's come to today, How I have got my ICICI bank lifetime free credit card without sharing any types of income documents. Actually, In the past 1 year, I have bought a DSLR - Canon 200D & its costs approx 55 thousand to me. I paid all the money f
rom my Axis bank MY ZONE credit card & converted the spent amount into 12 months EMI. I have paid all the EMIs on time & that increased my cibil score to 805. Cibil score of 805 considered an excellent credit score. If you have a credit score between 780 to 900 then you will be considered an excellent cibil score & this increases your chances for getting instant approval for different types of credit cards & loans.

That is the only reason why I got instant approval for an ICICI bank lifetime free Amazon credit card without sharing any salary slip or ITR return copy or any type of income documents. 

My personal experience on How to increase CIBIL score or credit score:

Here I am sharing my personal experience of how you can increase your CIBIL or credit score & get an instant approval for any types of credit cards & loans from any banks. Here is one screenshot about the credit score considered Excellent, Good, Average & poor.

By this screenshot, you probably understood that what CIBIL score means what is your credit score status. Before giving approval to anyone for any credit cards or any loans, Banks checks your credit score & It gives banks an idea about your financial conditions & finance habits. 

By telling, Finance habit, I mean to say that how you are paying your dues like credit card bills or due loan amounts (If you have any). Also taking any small loans or having any credit card & using credit cards for EMIs is also good for increasing your CIBIL credit score. The only thing you have to keep in your mind that do not miss the last date of paying your dues. If you fail to pay your dues on time, It directly affects your credit score also calls extra charges to you.

Factors Impacting Your Credit or CIBIL Score:

Credit Card Utilization (High Impact): It is one of the very high factors for increasing or decreasing your credit score. You should not take this factor lightly. What that means by Credit Card Utilization.

Suppose you have a credit card with a 50,000/- limit per month & you are utilizing your limit more than 75% every month. Then it will affect to decrease your credit score. You should know that utilizing a high percentage of your credit limit does not look good to the bank's eye. It shows the bank that you are highly dependent on your credit card & your cash flow may not good throughout the month.

To avoid this issue, there are some possible ideas, implementing these ideas will affect your credit score positively & help you increase your CIBIL score.

  • Reduce using your credit card up to a high % of the limit.
  • Request your bank to increase your credit card limit.
  • Always pay your dues before the last date & this will help you to increase your credit card limit.
  • Apply for another bank credit card by showing the current credit card's statement. It will increase your overall credit limit & you can use your credit card as per your choice.

Payment History (High Impact): As I told you earlier payment history has a huge role in increasing or decreasing your CIBIL score. You have to pay your due bills before the due date to increase & maintain your credit score high.

Age of Accounts (Medium Impact): How long you are associated with any bank. It has some medium impact on increasing or decreasing your credit score. If you are frequently changing your banks & credit cards, then it's not good for your credit score. Every bank wants long-term orientation with its customers.

Total Accounts (Low Impact): How many bank accounts you are holding or how many credit cards you are using has some low impact to increase or decrease your credit score. You should not have so many credit cards or so many bank accounts to maintain a good CIBIL score.

Credit Enquiries (Low Impact): How many times you are enquiring for credit cards or loans from differents banks has some low impact on your CIBIL score. Yes, If you need any loans or credit cards, you can inquiry in different banks & different branches but too many of them are not good for your credit score.

I have collaborated on all the reasons which are affecting your credit score. Also, I can suggest to you from my personal experience that tries to maintain a balance in your financial life. It's not good too many or too low factors of the above-mentioned reasons.

Conclusion / Last Words

Just don't crazy about the different credit cards offer or Bank loans. Banks are selecting candidates who have good CIBIL score & offering you good high-value credit cards or loans. As per my personal experience, we usually spend more when we have credit cards than when we are using debit cards or cash. Banks offer high-value credit cards for the only reason that they want you to spend more & fail to pay the bill on time. If you once fail to pay your dues on time, then banks put high charges on the dues & it directly affects your credit score. That's how they are doing their business & earning money from you. If any bank has approved you a high-value credit card or loan that not means that they are doing good with you, rather they have identified a good source of income through you. So, Just try to maintain your spendings & enjoy your life.

If you have any questions related to ICICI bank Amazon Pay credit card or any types of credit card related issue, Just comment below & we will try our best to solve your queries. If you have reached this portion of the article, then do share with your friends & families who are willing to get this type of credit card.

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