61 Experts Shared SEO Strategy And Tools Needs To Follow in 2021 To Win SEO Goal

We are Bloggers as well as internet marketers. We choose to spend life as we like to spend it. We don’t wish to rely upon others to get success in our existence. So, we’re ENTREPRENEURS. To get success in our blogging & digital marketing world we have got to comply with some principles which aid us to go a step ahead to get success in Entrepreneurship.

SEO (search engine optimization) one of the essential factor which bloggers & internet marketers have to be learned before taking blogging as a full-time career. In the last few years, SEO is changed drastically and We all know that google & all major search engines are continuously updating their algorithm and for this reason, many blogs & websites are losing their Search Engine Rankings. Due to SEO is continuously changing process over time to time. So, It's very difficult to learn the correct & basic SEO process which should be followed by all bloggers (Newbies & Pro) to get their SEO goal.

Before going to the Question & Answer portion, Let's check 32 pages of the Search Engine Optimization starter guide by Google.

SEO Advice for Beginners:

Here is the basic but in-depth advice, The Periodic Table Of SEO Success Factors introduces you to all the key concepts you need to know.

Search Engine Land Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors

You can download full The Periodic Table of SEO Success.

To grasp extra about Search Engine Optimization, Specialists are sharing their knowledge to make the web world more productive.

Right here I have listed some informed strategies on some important subject matters that will support New bloggers as well as Pro Bloggers.

To understand the SEO process more deeply and to understand what successful bloggers & web developers follow to get higher ranking results in search engines, we tried to make a RoundUp post on SEO Strategy & SEO tools that needs to be followed by bloggers to achieve SEO Goal where 40+ successful Bloggers & Internet Marketers shared their expert suggestion on SEO Strategy & SEO Tools to achieve SEO goal.

I truly thank you to the entire experts who have shared their expert recommendations for my Roundup Blogpost & make this Roundup more productive.

Here is the question we have asked the experts mentioned below.

  1. "What essential SEO strategy needs to follow by bloggers to achieve SEO Goal?"

  2. "What are the essential SEO tools need to use by bloggers to complete their SEO strategy?”
So, Let's see what experts are suggesting SEO Strategy & SEO Tools.

Philip Verghese ‘Ariel’ from Philipscom

SEO Strategy:

Quality link building is one of the best strategies I found in enhancing our SEO rank. Yes, getting an appropriate link from high-quality sites is an important aspect in this regard.   To achieve this one needs to build a better relation or connection with high-profile bloggers, to make it short it makes a solid relationship with influencers which leads to different benefits.

But the thing is that getting into the list of these influencers is an uphill task. That requires a lot of time and hard work, it’s not an easy task at all.  There are a lot of things to do behind the scene to achieve this target.  If you are a newbie the amount of hard work is still more. They may not know anything about you or your activities, then how will they respond to you.  In such a case, the first thing you can do is to visit their pages, express your views/feedback through their comment columns. Here one needs to be very careful, do not try to post your generic or one line comments, just for the sake of backlinks, this never works, read their posts well and create solid/engaging comments, which will catch the attention of the blog owner as well as other visitors of the blog. This eventually leads even good traffic to your page.

Also, follow these influencers and closely watch their other activities on their social networks and share their contents on your social media with an eye capturing note.  Sometimes this may not fetch the desired results immediately, but I am sure this helps to get into the good book of influencers in the long run.  Google Plus and Twitter are two wonderful platforms to try this out. Re-tweet their wonderful posts with a catchy note which gets the attention of the influencers as well as other visitors.

I feel commenting, sharing, or re-tweeting their tweets is a wonderful strategy I experienced in this regard.

SEO Tools:

There are so many tools out there to use in this regard, yet for a long time I am using SEO by Yoast, it is a wonderful tool, which guides you on the various aspects of SEO.

Also, I use  SumoMe it’s another wonderful tool that gives a lot of benefits in this regard.

I also recommend the newbies to read an excellent infographic that explains a lot about SEO and its various aspects in an article published on my page recently by an SEO Expert. You can read that HERE

Philip Verghese ‘Ariel’ from Philipscom

Russ Lobo from RussLobo & TauruskNight

SEO Strategy:

I like to call a good SEO strategy for the COLD strategy:

C: Content. You should make sure that you check the keywords and the level of competition before you start writing your blog post. That way, you can integrate the keywords you want to target your content

O: On-page optimization. This is something most bloggers don't bother much with. Just simple things like adding alt tags to images and adding an H2 tag to the keyword can make a difference in thousands of visitors to your post via Google

L: Link building. Most bloggers are well connected in their network but are shy to ask for a backlink. You don't need to. If you provide value, by linking to you, the other bloggers are helping their audience

D: Distribute. After publishing the blog, the real work starts. 80% of your efforts should go into distributing your content via social media or other channels.

SEO Tools:

  1. Keyword research tools: Google Planner and Semrush are the best for that

  2. Yoast free plugin: For On-page optimization

  3. Ahrefs: For finding link sources

  4. Publicize free plugin of Jetpack or IFTTT: For auto distributing your content on your social networks.

Russell Lobo from TauruskNight & RussLobo


Harleena Singh from HarleenaSingh.com & Aha-Now

SEO Strategy:

I'm not an SEO expert but I take care of my blog's SEO in my own way, and it was been rewarding. SEO is search engine optimization, and I take it literally.

I believe you need to do what search engines deem to be the best practices, such that they would love to consider the post or page as one of the top answers to a query.

Search engines want articles, blogs, or pages that are authoritative, popular, helpful, and useful to the searcher. They should provide the complete or specific answer to the query, and provide content that is fresh, relevant, resourceful, and simple to understand.

Therefore, your right SEO strategy should be to take proper action and do the right things to optimize your content or site in the above-mentioned aspects. It would mean the right keyword positioning, internal and external linking, coherent and logical valuable content, and promotion.

SEO Tools:

I only use Google Adwords and Google Trends to conduct my keyword research, though it is advisable to use more tools suggested by the SEO experts, for better SEO results.

Harleena Singh from HarleenaSingh & Aha-Now


Jitendra Vaswani from BloggersIdeas

SEO Strategy:

Developing an SEO strategy for your sites is very imp. Whenever you are starting an SEO for sites always have deep research in your niche market. Based on that you can easily find your keywords and can rank better if you understand your market well.

Find your target audience and their interests. Define your content strategy with your team and targeted keyword discovery.

Bloggers should always follow the latest Google algo updates, as I see most of the bloggers are not aware of the latest SEO techniques & they fail miserably due to lack of knowledge

Also experimenting here is important to try to play with your site by applying different on-page SEO techniques like great call-to-action buttons, infographics, videos & of course great content.

If you don't experiment you will never learn something new.

SEO Tools:

There are many SEO tools I cannot name at once but these are my favorites for now.

  • Ahrefs: For tracking backlinks of competitors. I use it often and my fav tool of all time.

  • SEMrush: Keyword research and best tools to analyze competitor traffic. I primarily used it for my clients & my own niche sites.

  • Google Analytics: All time fav tool for all digital marketers.

  • Long-tail pro: For finding keywords in some specific niches. This is must used tool for niche sites. You can find some profitable keywords from LTP.

Have a look at Best SEO Software Reviews: SEO Software Tools

Jitendra Vaswani from BloggersIdeas


Kulwant Nagi from Blogging Cage

SEO Strategy:

SEO is a big world where you have to follow multiple rules for long term survival. The best ever method to do effective SEO is guest blogging. You can send an outreach mail to good bloggers in your industry and post your valuable article by getting a link back for your target keyword.

SEO Tools:

Essential tools are LongTailPro, SEMRush, and ahrefs. They can help you to understand more about your industry keywords, give awesome ideas to write compelling titles, and spy on the big websites to understand their ranking strategy.

Kulwant Nagi from BloggingCage


Zac Johnson of ZacJohnson.com

SEO Strategy:

While everyone is so focused on creating as much content as they possibly can, what really matters most is creating "real content" and putting in the work and effort to get it promoted. Yes, content creation is important, but you don't need to have new content going live on your blog daily. Having a few 1,000+ word articles on a site is more than enough to get it ranking at the top of Google. However, you are also going to need to focus on your outreach and link building. This includes creating content that is shareable and also reaching out to other bloggers and sites within your industry. The higher the quality of backlinks and the more you have of them, the more likely you are to see better results in Google.

SEO Tools:

SEMRush is great for analyzing keywords and SERPS for not only your own sites but also the competition. Other tools like MajesticSEO and LongTailPro are useful as well. Use any of these solutions to check out your competition and see what and where they are ranking for, while also attempting to create better and more valuable content then them in the process.

Zac Johnson of zacjohnson.com


Rafi Chowdhury from CHOWDHURY’S DIGITAL

SEO Strategy:

Guest posting in high authority blogs. If you are not constantly collecting emails and pitching others to let you guest post to their blog, not only are you missing out on SEO benefits, but you are not getting your name out there either. Guest post all over the internet, It's one of the best ways to get your blog out there in front of big people

SEO Tools:

Alexa Traffic Rank, Google keyword planner, Google Search Console, MOZ bar, SEMRush, MOZ Open Site Explorer, Ahrefs,

Rafi Chowdury from CHOWDHURY’S DIGITAL


Iftekhar Ahmed IftiSEO

SEO Strategy:

For me, the simple the strategy the better the results. I have seen people opting for various link building techniques for even keywords that can be ranked by simple methods. I don't see much use in diverse methods as I believe that most of the keywords can be ranked by simple blog comments and a few contextual links via guest posts. Social signals can always be added on top of your strategy !!

SEO Tools:

Semrush and Ahrefs are 2 tools that I prefer the most as it gives me an overall idea about a website. It easily fetches keyword data, backlink data and a lot more about your competing sites. This data then surely becomes an essential part of my overall strategy. Apart from this, a Keyword planner also comes out in handy !! I do like LTP (Long Tail Pro) but I don't use it much since I usually do not go for keyword research from scratch. I start with some big websites and go down into it using ahrefs and semrush.

Iftekhar Ahmed IftiSEO


Matthew Woodward from matthewwoodward.co.uk

SEO Strategy:

When people start to think about SEO their first thought is often backlinking, and many bloggers become completely obsessed with building links to gain a #1 ranking in search engines.

The problem with this is that people get so consumed by where they are ranking and how many links they are building, that they forget about all the other Google ranking factors out there and then sit confused, wondering why their strategy hasn't worked.

So instead of getting caught up in what I like to call 'Obsessive Compulsive Backlink Disorder', the best strategy you can have is to put a lot of hard work, time and energy making sure that you have actually built a site that deserves to rank.

There's so much more to blogging and building a site than a bit of quick keyword research and publishing an article solely to target keywords and rank with a 3% keyword density plan.

Instead of obsessing over rankings and trying to get people onto your site and off again through an affiliate link as fast as you can, you should spend some time focusing on what's really important.

That's everything from building a helpful resource to having a good user experience on a site that really deserves to rank.

Matthew Woodward from MatthewWodward.co.uk


Prateek Shah from DigitalDefynd

SEO Strategy:

While optimising your content as per SEO norms will take care of driving relevant traffic to your website for now, what you should start focusing on is how to drive it tomorrow. Start thinking of your blog as a brand, pick the area you truly have an expertise in and then start building thought leadership in this space. When you do all that, you will slowly start attracting traffic from various means. Don't think of content as keyword, think of content as infographics, guest posts(with or without backlinks), videos(YouTube as well as Facebook) and more.

Prateek Shah from DigitalDefynd


Danish Wadhwa from DanishWadhwa.com

SEO Strategy:

SEO is a game which you have to play day and night for a long time because its a game of patience. SEO is now getting merged into Content Marketing or you can say Content Marketing is new era of SEO.

The basic rule of finding target market applies here in SEO too, because this is the key to find right keywords. We all know content is the king, but don't forget keyword is the queen and its a base for your all SEO strategies.

Bloggers should focus on quality content, because this can convince the reader and if you are able to convince readers google is automatically convince to rank your website. With this readers will link back to your website and this will act secret key to get your website ranked in google.

Apart from quality content there are many other ways to generate links to your website and one of favourite and broken link method, which worked best for me so far.

SEO Tools:

I use handful tools which helps me directly or in directly in SEO.

  • Ahref

  • SemRush

  • SEOProfier

  • LongTailPro

  • Trello

  • Google Docs

Danish Wadhwa from DanishWadhwa.com


Chris Lee from aBlogOnBlogging

SEO Strategy:

The main SEO strategy that I can recommend and that has always worked for me is to find low competition keywords are write content around that. Do not even try to rank for highly competitive search terms as this would be an impossible thing to do, especially if you are just starting out. Just focus on trying to rank for low competition keywords that do get at least 100 searches a month. From that you can scale as much as you want and you will soon be getting the traffic you desire.

SEO Tools:

As for what tools you should use, there are many keyword tools that you can use, my favorites are Jaaxy (paid) and the Google Keyword Planner tool (free). Take some time to understand how these tools work, find your keywords and start writing like mad LOL! Talk to me in a month and I am sure you will b reporting a steady increase in traffic.

Hope this is enough. Thanks again for including me.

Chris Lee from ABlogOnBlogging


Deepak Rana from ShouterBuzz

SEO Strategy:


The very first thing a blogger should focus on is "Keyword," Bloggers should do proper keyword research before writing an article. I see many bloggers are stuck at it. They're writing anything or targeting the keywords that are way tough to rank. And, it results in "NO TRAFFIC."

Pick rankable keywords that people are searching for and easy to rank, then begin your article and make it super informative that the visitors don't have to open any web-page after reading your article.

And, try being consistent. Try to publish at least 1 article a week.


How your blog looks & how fast it loads has a lot to do with your blogging success. If your blog is taking more than 4 seconds to load, then it's definitely a red buzzer.
Improve your blog's speed time and use an SEO optimized theme. Moreover, if you're into affiliate marketing, then make sure you've got a clean and attractive theme that will help you to boost the conversion rates that is the ultimate goal.


Backlinks, Backlinks, Backlinks! If you're not building any backlinks to your site, then you're going to miss massive traffic and no boost in SERPs. You might write a kickass an article, but if it is ranking on the last page, then it's of no use. No one can see you from the top, right?
Backlinks are the crucial part of the SEO. Build quality & relevant backlinks and you'll see an immense boost in the traffic if done correctly. Do guest posting, commenting, profile links, and use web 2.0s.

SEO Tools:

Well, there are plenty of tools in the market. Some of them are free, and many of them are premium. Not a single tool is going to help you until & unless you've experience else you know how to use them properly.

Google Keyword Planner:

It's a well-known tool by Google. Use it for keyword research and discover some long-tail keywords for your blog posts if your blog is new.

Moz Extension: This is an excellent extension that displays you the metrics of web pages ranking on Google. You can analyze those metrics to understand that what is the keyword difficulty.

Yoast SEO:

Well, this is the most popular SEO WordPress plugin with 1 million downloads. You can set meta title, meta tag, and meta keyword/s that help Google to understand your web-page which results in improving in ranking.


This plugin is premium but also has a free version. This is the ultimate tool in the market, as of now. I'm in love with Ahrefs. We can trace the ranking of keywords; we can check backlinks and ranking keywords of our competitors. Ahrefs also has Keyword difficulty feature, keyword CPC checker feature, and you can also do keyword research with this online tool.

Ahrefs is the ultimate SEO tool that I recommend to everyone.

Bottom Line:

Blogging is tough especially when you're new. Google is very strict nowadays. Keep publishing quality articles and build a brand out of your blog with backlinks from popular sources along social signals. It'll take time, but it's all worth it.

Deepak Rana from ShouterBuzz


David Leonhardt, President - The Happy Guy Marketing from SEO-Writer

SEO Strategy:

One of the most important strategies for a blogger to achieve his SEO goal is to align his language with what people are searching for.

Some bloggers don’t even think about keywords.Other bloggers do keyword research and write posts around the keywords.

There is a happy medium in between, and this is the sweet spot.  The happy medium looks something like this:

  1.  Decide on a topic you want to write about or a message you want to deliver.

  2.  Write what you want to say, without worrying about SEO.  Your value as a blogger is not in drawing traffic.  Your value is in your message.

  3.  Think how somebody might search for this information.  Do keyword research if necessary to determine what words are most used for this topic (home vs. house vs. property, for example)

  4.  Tweak very slightly your text to accommodate search words that you might have left out.

  5.  Check that the key searches are in your title, if possible.

If a blogger works too hard on SEO, he gets junk traffic.  If a blogger totally ignores SEO, a he gets little traffic.  If a blogger focuses on his message, then aligns his wording to match searchers’ expectations, he hits the sweet spot.

SEO Tools:

The main tool I use is my brain.  Honestly, you can get 80 percent of your keyword information just by thinking about what words people would use in conversation, then extrapolating how they would make a search query.

Roaming around the Internet can give you many more ideas as to the words people use for your topic or message.  Search Google for similar articles.  Check out Twitter and Facebook.

When you are down to making a few key choices, Google trends is my favorite.  I used to like Google Keyword Planner.  That tool gives you a long list of keywords and shows how competitive they are.(Click to tweet)  It's much better for optimizing a complete website than for optimizing a specific blog post.  Google Trends let's you take specific search phrases head to head, and also shows if each one has been gaining traction over time or losing steam.  Ideally, you want to be ahead of the trend.

David Leonhardt, President - The Happy Guy Marketing from SEO-Writer


Ikechi from Awazieikechi

SEO Strategy:

I believe that the best SEO strategy is to write evergreen content. When a blogger focuses on writing quality content that helps his audience to solve problems, it will be shared to others and google will definitely pick it up. Trying to scam Google with bad SEO practices or shortcuts won't be beneficial in the long run. (Click to tweet)

SEO Tools:-

Google Keyword Planner:

To have an insight on the problems of your Audience. You want to know which keywords your audience are using to search for their problems.

Social Media Platforms:

Depending on which Social platform are, you can get insight about the interests of your audience on Social media but you need to know where you audience is.


To have an idea on which content resonates with your audience.

Google Webmaster:

To track the progress of your website or blog.

Ikechi from Awazieikechi


Lorraine Reguly, founder of Wording Well

SEO strategy:

SEO is a mystery for many bloggers. Just when you think you have learned all you can about search engine optimization, the algorithms change. Therefore, it is best if you simply remember that you are writing to help your readers, not to rank in the search engines!

To do this, provide a mixture of information to your audience, but include true stories within your blog posts, too.

Your readers are human, not robots, and because of our humanity, we all have commonalities.

If you appeal to the emotions of your readers, you will be viewed as someone who cares (rather than someone who is simply writing to rank high in Google Search).

Your readers will learn to trust you. You will build credibility. Your audience will share your posts. They will WANT to share your posts.

Jam-pack your posts with excellent content, information, and tips. Forget about the search engines. Just be your natural self. (Click to tweet)

SEO Tools:

With all that said, it is important to many bloggers to rank high in Google.

I have written many posts that have hit the #1 spot. However, I did this by writing for real people, not the spiders who crawl my website!

There are many good tools you can use to help you with your SEO strategy. The Yoast SEO plugin is free. It's easy to use, easy to install, and will help you optimize your blog posts. (Click to tweet)

Then there are a bunch of keyword tools you can use. Some include: the one from Moz and the AdWords Keyword Planner. Of course, you can also use any of these 20 tools, too.

Regardless of which tools you use, remember you are writing for people, not search engines!

Lorraine Reguly, founder of Wording Well


Anil Agarwal from BloggersPassion

SEO Strategy:

Create detailed content:

This is the ONE thing every blogger should do to achieve massive SEO results. Most bloggers end up writing mediocre and short articles with just 500 to 600 words and that's the reason why they don't stand out.

By writing detailed articles, not only you are going to attract more search engine traffic but you can add huge value to your blog audience. As a rule of thumb, try to write 1500 to 2000 word blog posts for 1 year and you will be start noticing huge spike in your search results.

SEO Tools:

I personally use the following SEO tools and I highly recommend EVERY blogger.

Long Tail Pro:

It's highly essential for you to find long tail keywords. LTP tool gives you detailed analysis about what keywords you should be targeting to get more traffic from search engines. (Click to tweet)


I'm able to drive 5000+ visitors just within 30 days after using this plugin. It helps you find great keywords, estimate traffic of any website and spy on your competitors. (Click to tweet)

WordPress SEO by Yoast:

This is one of the best free SEO plugins out there for WordPress users. It helps you easily optimize your blog posts and pages for certain keywords. (Click to tweet)

Anil Agarwal from BloggersPassion


Jyoti Chauhan from UpdateLand

SEO Strategy:

Most of bloggers fail at first step of SEO; yes I am talking about keyword research. They don’t take enough time to keyword research. Even I did same in my starting blogging journey. But now I know that was my biggest mistake.

Find a long tail keyword, check completion in Google.com or your targeted country Google manually. Analyze your top 10 competitor’s website’s content, backlinks, on page optimization, DA etc. If they are weak in anything, it is good keyword to write an article but if you don’t see any chance to rank at first page. Avoid this keyword and find another one since ranking in second page is not going to send traffic to your website.

When you have fond good keyword, your half job is done. Now write depth content (2000 – 3000 word) which provide some useful info to your audience and solve their queries also. You can use forums and question answers sites to know user’s query. Make certain keyword density should be 0.7 – 1%. Keep this natural.

After publishing your articles, share at social media only in relevant groups to get shares, likes and comments. Yes, these all things have their own importance in SEO.

Don’t forget to create quality backlinks to your blog post, if you want to see yourself at first position.

Do experiments and track the results and see what is working for you. You can learn lot from yourself by experimenting.

PS. Don’t do experiments with main blog.

SEO Tools:

There are some essential SEO tools which I personally I use and will recommend to other bloggers also to increase productive and complete their SEO strategy.

  1. Semrush: Semrush is my favorite keyword research tool. They offer great features. You can found good long tail keyword having good searches easily with Semrush. You just need to find out your competitor and your half work is done.

  2. Google Webmaster: Google webmaster is another great SEO tool to check website performance. I mostly use to know which pages are sending more traffic to my website so I could update them frequently to boost my website traffic. One can find some good long tail keywords also from Google webmaster easily.

  3. Google Analytic: Google Analytic is another must have tool. All most bloggers use Google Analytic to track lot of things like user flow, benchmarking, Geo, traffic sources, bounce rate etc.
Jyoti Chauhan from UpdateLand


Adarsh Sojitra from IdeasOverdose

SEO Strategy:

In case you want to rank the specific keyword, Try making  backlinks with varying Anchor text having same meaning or you can say LSI keywords. According to me, you must not ignore long tail keywords. It's easy to rank for 10 long tail keywords than 1 short keyword. In short, you should be writing a lot of useful content having links to with each other.

SEO Tools:

I recommend Google Keyword Planner and TLP for keyword research, Ahrefs Position explorer to know on which keywords our site is ranking and Ahrefs again to track backlinks and also to steal backlinks from our competitors.I think it will be useful for bloggers!

Adarsh Sojitra from IdeasOverdose


Supreeth Bharadwaj from Copywhatido

SEO Strategy:

SEO strategy in 2016, is not a big secret, with all those knowledge graphs showing the stuff user needs without getting into your blogs, so before all the "technical seo optimization" content should be readable, with Google's new algorithm, with readable content and a bit of on-page seo we can achieve 'the seo goal', coming to my secret tip: use proper h2 tags to make your content clear with subheadings to get into knowledge graphs.

SEO Tools:-

There are few tools that might come in use before and after writing a post, for instance before posting I research keywords on Google AdWords keyword planner, while there are other premium tools which i use rarely such a long tail pro, for finding long tail keywords, and semrush for competitors info, and coming to the after posting work, I use yoast premium which helps in on page seo, and for checking grammar and plagiarism I use grammarly. I know these are just basic tools you all must have already come by, but still seo shouldn't be overdone, if it's overdone, you won't rank forever, be with white hat stuff and win the seo game. (Click to tweet)

Supreeth Bharadwaj from Copywhatido


Yogita from DreamTechie and LetUsPublish

SEO Strategy:

One most essential strategy that need to be followed by bloggers is to spend time in marketing and promotions. I know many bloggers, and some of them are only restricted to publishing content on website, some of them did not even care for SEO, content duplication issue and social influence. (Click to tweet)

Every blogger should spend a good amount of time in fixing SEO Errors, improving website user experience and in promoting already published content through various mediums.

SEO Tools:

I don't use much tools myself but the few i use are really required for every processional. Here is the list:
  • Yoast WordPress Plugin

  • SEM Rush

  • Google Webmaster

  • Google Analytics

  • Moz Bar

  • Screaming Frog

  • Majestic SEO

  • Google Trends

  • Keyword Planner

Yogita from DreamTechie and LetUsPublish


Sreenath Mukundan from TechinTor

SEO Strategy:

We all know that nowadays backlinks and other rankings (alexa, PR) have no any importance in search engine rankings.

It's all about user friendly articles. Google is much smarter now. And they can easily evaluate which site provides suitable info for visitors.

What bloggers should do??

  • Your blog design should be user friendly. Responsive. ( this is much important now.) And should be fast loading.

  • And write articles with quality content.

  • In my point of views, now Onpage SEO is more important.

  • Write keyword rich articles ( very important as per my views ).

  • Use keywords smartly (but don't spam with keywords).

  • Maintain 3-4% keyword density in articles. (My suggestion)

  • While writing an article u should know what search terms people use on google to get this article. That is use long tail keywords inside your blog article.

  • Try to make article lengthy.. 300-400 minimum words per article.

  • 1k words : very good.

  • Include more no.of keywords at first paragraph (smartly)

  • Include images ,videos to article if possible.

  • Write for users... Write according to your visitors.

  • After publishing an article, don't forget to share on social media networks.

  • Use Quora , Answer quota questions related your blog articles and finally link to your article. Very easy way to get traffic. Also update your articles regularly. Edit your meta keywords in template... Keep it updated.

SEO Tools:

Google keyword planner : One of the important in my blogging tools.

Plan your keywords with this free tool from google. Select your main keywords by doing keyword research on google keyword planner.

Online image compressors to compress images size.

Google insights :

Evaluate your blog on google insights and fix all problems. This will surely help you to rank now. Very important nowadays.

I hope above tips surely help bloggers to rank their blog articles.

I am currently handling more than 5 blogs now. My primary blog is TechinTor.com which has no much backlinks.(30 links, not made by me. Automatically got from other sites as referring site)... Still without backlinks my blog is ranked for many keywords which has high competition. And getting more than 25k+ daily hits. It's all about my articles style. On Page SEO.

Just mentioned mine case...

Thanks to Pritam Datta who give a chance to share my views on SEO (2016).

Sreenath Mukundan from TechinTor


Rahul Rakesh from GeekyBuzz & SocialVani

SEO Strategy:

Bloggers need to understand how SEO is evolving consistently. The days of keyword stuffing and black hat are long gone. Modern day SEO revolves around how great and unique your content actually is. Of Course, it is still hugely important as an optimization technique. Keyword Densities should be kept in mind and not be absurdly high.

Backlinking should be limited to generating genuine, high authority and fruitful links in the form of blog commenting, social indexing and wide-spread bookmarking. Spamming should not be employed. An excellent way is to follow influencers in your niche and communicate them to get your ideas out and get links in return.

There is no fixed set of SEO rules that will help you. It depends on your niche and the quality of content you produce. However, if your content is stellar, you needn't worry about much. Remember to index your pages at the right portals like Webmaster and stay in tune with the latest Google updates.

SEO Tools:

I don't use a lot of tools for SEO. I use Long Tail Pro and Ahrefs to research keywords and spy over backlink matrices. Apart from that most of my tools are there to help to me create flawless content. (Click to tweet)

Rahul Rakesh from GeekyBuzz & SocialVani


Nisha Pandey from SEOTechyWorld and LoudHere

SEO Strategy:

Unlike what people think, SEO is not an activity for a day or two; rather it is a long-term process. There are many SEO strategies that you can follow and they'll surely bring you results if you are consistent on the same.

SkyScraping SEO has been the best SEO technique that I have used so far to grow the organic traffic of my blog. Moreover, Long tail keywords are yet a profitable way to bring a bunch of visitors to your blog every day without spending an arm and a leg. Here, is the quick link for Skyscraper Technique. (Click to tweet)

SEO Tools:

Talking about the tools, GKP and Ahrefs top my list followed by Yoast SEO and Google Search console. Only making SEO friendly changes on your website is enough. One must keep a keen eye on the tricks and trends, as SEO is an infinitely mobile domain. After every activity, it is important to keep a track of the result it is bringing. This way one can take more result oriented actions towards SEO.

Nisha Pandey from  SEOTechyWorld and LoudHere


Nirmala Santhakumar from WPGlossy

SEO Strategy:

Things have changed a lot! Bloggers need to perform SEO in a smart way to please the search engines.

  1. Have a fast loading blog with responsive feature

  2. Do keyword  research, get low competition KWs and few LSI keywords

  3. Craft helpful content with compelling title & subtitles

  4. Carry out perfect on-page SEO (SEO friendly URL, placement of keywords, HTags, Meta Description, Image optimization, Interlinking the relevant posts, linking out high authority sites)

  5. Build reliable backlinks

  6. Social Media promotion

These are the essential cum good SEO strategies that a blogger should follow.

SEO Tools:

I use the following tools to boost the SEO of my blogs.

  1. SEO by Yoast – For sitemap and to publish SEO-friendly content

  2. LTP Platinum (Lifetime tool) – To do keyword research

  3. Moz SEO Toolbar – To analyze the competitor's’ backlinks

  4. GA and GWT – To monitor my blog’s performance and know the traffic driving keywords

  5. Customized Genesis Theme + Autoptimize WP plugin + CloudFLare – To make my WordPress blog load fast.

Nirmala Santhakumar from WPGlossy


Atish Ranjan Founder TechTricksWorld

SEO Strategy:

SEO is something in which you cannot follow the things that everyone is doing. Make your own strategies keeping the basics of keyword research and link building as the base.

If you try 10 things, a few of them won’t work, and a few will work. That is how SEO goes on. You discover new ways to make your site rank well on top.

Still, there are some basics that bloggers should care about:

  • Never underestimate the power of keyword research.

  • Always do very good On-page optimization of each and every post you write.

  • Build backlinks by taking part in roundups, opting for blogger outreach, social bookmarking, and using some more techniques that you can check out here which I wrote last year.

About achieving the SEO goal, strategies fairly depends on what type of goals you are setting for you.

If you are targeting to rank a very high competitive keyword, and your blog is quite new. You must have to test and try a lot of things, and you do need to get some very high-quality backlinks to outrank a few sites from the first page of Google. Achieving such goal is indeed tough even if you implement the best approach. However, if you are patient, and keep working on it for a long time, you can achieve it. But, it will take time.

On the other side, if you are targeting a low competition keyword, you just need to do fair on the page, and a few backlinks. You can rank well in no time.

So, it depends on the target you set! However, Keyword Research and Link building are the most important strategies that you cannot miss if you really want to rank high which is the ultimate goal of all SEO projects.

Above all, your content must be very good as content is the food for search engines, and if you offer fresh content, your half SEO work is done!

SEO Tools:

There are many tools out there, and everyone works with different tools.

I use:

  • Long Tail Pro/ Google Keyword Planner => For Keyword research.

  • Ahrefs/Webmeup/Majestic SEO => For Link analysis.

  • SE Ranking => For keyword rank tracking.

  • Google Analytics => To track the traffic

  • Grammarly => Content proofreading and Plagiarism check.

I think these are essential tools that one must use in order to work well. As I have emphasized on keyword research and Link building mainly, so a Keyword research and a link analysis tool are crucial to outrank your competitors.

Atish Ranjan Founder TechTricksWorld


Anuradha Chawla from Dhost

SEO Strategy:

My best SEO strategy for getting my blog ranked and noticed is to Build Relationships With Your Peers, Too. Getting a blog ranked is mostly done with content and links, and the best way to get it noticed generally leads to links too. Writing good content isn’t going to get you anywhere unless you promote yourself, and the best way to do this is to connect with others in your space.

Follow them, follow their stuff, engage with them, and reach out. It’s the easiest way to get white-hat links and traffic.

A few of my favorite strategies are:

  • Research similar content to yours that ranks high and check for any broken links in their content. This way when emailing them you can help them out first by telling them about the broken link and then ask if they’d be up for replacing it with your link.

  • The method I love for link building is Guest Blogging. Guest blogging is still a match made in heaven in term of SEO as long as the website where your guest post is shared is of quality and the links being included in your content of quality as well.

  • Other is Guestographic Method. An infographic is marketing technique with a focus on building high-quality backlinks. Guestographic is simple-yet-powerful SEO strategy.

SEO Tools:

There are many tools out there that can go a long way in helping you with your SEO efforts.  My recommendations are:

  1. Long Tail Pro: With Long Tail Pro, you can find relevant keywords with more effectiveness. The data this tool provides is accurate.

For free version you can go with:

  1. Google Keyword Planner and Moz Bar - to find keywords and assess top 10 competition

  2. Yoast SEO plugin: It is the best plugin for on-page SEO Optimization.

  3. Google Analytics: Google Analytics goes beyond pure traffic metrics as you can slice the data in a hundred ways and it also tracks conversions - meaning you not only know how much traffic you get from the different tactics, but you also know whether you attract the right traffic.

Secondly, I select another Google tool, namely Search Console formerly known as Webmaster Tools. It's the only way to look behind the curtain and get an idea of how Google sees your website.

Anuradha Chawla from Dhost


Shiwangi Shrivastava from PenSitDown

SEO Strategy:

SEO strategy plays vital role for achieving your targeted audiences and to give special treat to your blog. One strategy cannot ever keep you going in the competitive internet marketing. You need to optimize your blog with multiple techniques for the survival or standing apart from other. SEO is sensitive and it is bound to change as per Google algorithm so keeping pace with it is most advisable point. Few points will make things clear:

  • Post rich content and keyword oriented to understand the expectation of your audience from you.

  • Build worthy backlinks.

  • Tons of keywords will not lead to SEO but quality keywords.

  • Promotion and content marketing is also in spotlight.

  • Apart from technicality you should exercise your heart and soul also to gain not only noticeable writing but also remembered or attention grabber.

SEO Tools:

The immense option of SEO tools sometimes is extremely confusing. But people think as per their choice. My choice and priority is Long tail pro and Google Planner but being an internet marketer or blogger we need to play with more SEO tools to keep the experiment alive and you never know you will get better result. My recommendation for all newbie’s to jump into more SEO tools and research on them surely success will beckon you.

Shiwangi Shrivastava from PenSitDown


Kimsea Sok from BlogMarketingSea

First, I must to say thanks for your email and questions. I don’t know how to explain my feeling when read the questions. In brutally honest, I blog since 2009 but SEO is still complicate to me. I sometime thought that I’m doing very well with SEO, but other sometime I thought I didn’t.

As you knew since 2009 till now, Google has updated many changes and created many animals. Majority of SEO marketers wrote many new techniques and strategies for adapting the Google changing, but I don’t even change any of mine.

The reason, I realized that Google just changed the plan but never change its goal—it wants to be the best search engine in the world—it strives to provide users the highly classified search experience.

What I mean is Google now being more human and cleverer. It seems to me that Google is now reading our article and detecting the quality of the content.

As a proves, Yaost recently has updated human readability function for its plugin. Within new function, you will be able to analyst the readability of your post and improve it.

I wrote a bit but didn’t answer the question yet, right?...

Okay, now!

SEO Strategy:

I have a long term goals and strategies for my business hence not often change my plan. However, now I’m thinking that Google is following what I did—to find the high quality content and relevant to readers.

You know?... to focus on producing quality contents and build relationship with other bloggers in area of business is my essential and advance SEO strategy.

Many SEO marketers who are my friends told me that it will took me years to achieve my goal if I follow this strategy. I thought it’s okay! I’m calm enough to work and wait to achieve my long term goal.

However, even I had a slower process for implementing the SEO strategies, I now currently had 8000 conversion visitors a month. And I believe that if I didn’t lose 105 posts when my blog was attacked, I will have at least 10k visitors a month.

SEO Tools:

I was the same to other bloggers. Even I didn’t serious with search engine optimization, I optimized my content and use variety tools to improve the current working process. I’m using Google Keyword Planner and Google Consult for keyword researching and tracking performance of my blog. But recently, I’ve purchased Longtail Pro as it could provide me advance feature for keywords analyzing. Also, I’m using Hootsuite and JustRetweet for social media marketing and engagement. I would recommend these social media tools because it will save you lots of time in working with social media marketing.

Kimsea Sok from BasicBlogTalk & BlogMarketingSea


Pushkar Kathayat from Tech Geekers

SEO Strategy:

SEO is a broad topic and every other thing needs another different strategy for ranking. But the basic thing between all of these would be

Analysis: First of all we need to analyze the competition for the particular keyword. For analyzing competition, we can take help from various SEO tools. I would prefer manual analysis as we know no tool is 100% perfect. Sometimes I have seen that the difficulty analysis by Google AdWords is showing low competition for a particular keyword but when  I manually analyzed by google search option that I came to know about the real competition for the keyword.

Manual analysis works better everytime then the SEO tools. However, some tools are quite reliable most of the time.

Content: As being said content is the king, and it will remain the ultimate player in SEO every time. I mean, if we are not able to provide the user what he or she wants then there are fewer chances that your page will perform better in the search engine. Now I will talk this from google point of view. Suppose you have managed to get some good ranks in google serp but if you are not providing what user needs then they will stay long on your page. This will eventually decrease the average time spent on your page,Which is also a factor in ranking pages in SERP.

So I would say try to provide the in-depth content to satisfy your users.

Backlink: Google will keep bringing new algorithm every time with an update. But backlinks will remain a crucial factor for ranking forever.

Think this from google point of view. It's simply a machine.

Although Google is planning to hire some expert now for topics but that will be a huge task for Google team if they come out with it.

If doesn't find any relevant link pointing to your post then it simply cannot decide which is better and which is not. I have seen this situation a lot of times during my initial days. I used to spend around 6-8 hrs only researching about the content and writing in-depth content but struggling to get the deserved traffic. The reason was quite straightforward. My article doesn't have the relevant links coming to it.

So do make backlinks and promote your content. Without backlinks, your post will be just another article on the web.

Well, things are big in SEO. If I keep on writing then it will take the form of another huge article. So now I will keep it short. Some Advanced strategies which you should follow are Link wheel, Skyscraper, Backlink stealing, etc. You can even hire a fever gigs if you are unable to give enough time for making backlinks.

SEO Tools:

There are many tools out there in SEO market. Some important tool which every blogger should follow are

Google Adwords: It is the best tool, I have ever come across. This gives us a good idea about the search volume of a particular keyword. You can use Keywords everywhere Chrome plugin to instantly get search volume in the search engine.

Semursh: Semrush is good for competitive analysis and finding best CPC keywords of a competitor. It is recommended for the bloggers who are in niche blogging.

Ahrefs: This tool is pretty advanced and updated frequently. There are very attractive option in ahrefs. Also, this is the most frequently updated SEO tool. It has the best fresh set of live backlinks. Other tool Get updated around once in a month but ahrefs is really remarkable in this case. It updates its data at least in a day. So every time you visit ahrefs you will get a new set backlinks. Position explorer is the feature which attracts me most about ahrefs.

Long tail Pro: Long tail pro is also a famous tool. It is used to generate long tail keyword. I personally use this tool because of its keyword difficulty feature. It has its own algorithm to determine the competitiveness for a particular keyword. Also, there are other options also like kwfinder but  I would stick to long tail pro. It gives better results than any of its alternative.

So use long tail pro if you want to know keyword difficulty for many keywords. Especially, useful for niche sites.

Keywordshitter: For generating long tail keywords you can take help from this tool. Long tail keywords are good for generating more traffic to your blogs.

Manually Analyzing things by google analytics and webmaster.

You can see on which keyword you are ranking for in google webmaster. Try to include these keywords in your post. You will surely to get benefit in search results. If you have the exact phrase in your post as the user's search query then you will rank higher in SEO.

Btw thanks for inviting me to your Round Up post. It has been my Privilege.

Pushkar Kathayat from Tech Geekers


Vashishtha Kapoor from VashishthaKapoor.com

SEO Strategy:

The first thing you shall see is "content" because, without on-page SEO, off-page SEO efforts are like creating a cemetery to bury links. the length of the content does not play a lion's share role in your website rankings. However, it is a necessary part. The content already must be having your focused keyword in the required HTML tags like H1, H2, bold, italic and in-content.

we work on a pre-determined strategy. To execute the off page SEO. The trick is really easy if you have a Moz pro subscription and Ahref account. (Click to tweet)

  • Execute a google search.

  • Copy the first result link.

  • Get the link profile of that URL in Ahref and OSE by Moz.

  • Give 10 minutes to each high DA follow link and see how can your link reach there.

  • Try blog commenting, paid linking and web 2.0.

  • See your ranks improving.

SEO Tools:

I already told you that we use Ahref and Mozbar to analyse the links and make new links. Adding to them, we use Google search console, Yoast SEO, Grammarly and of course SEMRush.

Vashishtha Kapoor from VashishthaKapoor.com


Suresh Kumar from Tips2Secure

SEO Strategy:

SEO should not be a goal at all for bloggers. When we bloggers think SEO as a set of strategies and tricks to rank a blog higher in SERPs then actually we start building a way for Google penalties and invite those penalties by saying "Hey Penalties, come to my blog and make it penalized".

According to me, one should focus on "On-Page SEO" (by avoiding keyword stuffing). Bloggers do not focus on spam link building strategies. Always try to get natural links and in a natural way.

In short, if your article is informative and useful as well for your readers then you will start getting natural backlinks automatically.

SEO Tools:

Bloggers should use SEO tools to analyse spam links coming to their blogs. If they find some unnatural backlinks then they should use Google's disavow tool. For all this MOZ Pro tool is recommended. They can also use tools like Google AdWords planner, SEMrush, Ahrefs, etc., to plan keywords, monthly average searches on keywords, and to know the keyword difficulty level.

Suresh Kumar from Tips2Secure


Tejpal Choudhary from TejpalChoudhary.com

SEO Strategy:

It is impossible to get a decent amount of organic traffic without some tools particularly if you are a beginner to SEO. I have also failed more than 10 times. Do you know, why? Because I have not tried any of the SEO tools and never had SEO strategy that can drive tons of traffic to my blog.

For doing the best SEO I always try to include good keywords which have at least 1000 searches per month and further use Google Search Consol to find untapped keywords which are gold mines.

Update and republishing old posts also an important part of my SEO strategies that can boost organic traffic.

SEO Tools:

SEMRush, Traffic Travis, Ahrefs, Google search console are my favorite SEO tools.

Tejpal Choudhary from TejpalChoudhary.com


Karan Bhardwaj from BloggyTize

SEO Strategy:

First of all, thanks Pritam for giving me an opportunity to participate in this post and give my feedbacks and suggestions to your audience about latest updates about SEO and solutions. Yes! You are right that Google is continuously updating algorithms day by day, and because of this many blogs or website losing their SERPs but in my opinion we should focus on the reason behind it, like why the algorithms kill your blog rankings and in my opinion in these days many bloggers don't focus on content and SEO rules, and they just write content based on different blogs articles which will be not good for their blog as well as for their blogging future.

Karan Bhardwaj from BloggyTize


Bishal Biswas from BishalBiswas.com

SEO Strategy:

There's a lot of factors that decides the success of your SEO campaign -

1st - The on-page optimization should be done in a proper way -

That start with proper keyword research.

I use UberSuggest.io to grind broad keyword and get set of healthy and potential to work on, which then followed by a piece of min 700 worded article properly optimized - the anchor texts placement, the variations of the anchor text, image optimization, adding of a video over the post, interlinking, outbound linking.

2nd - I send social signals to the post -

In post-penguin era, we need to play safe to survive long run which is why it's essence to make your link building campaign as natural as possible.

Naturally in the sense of Google it's fishy for a site to receive dozens of links overnight without getting any social mentions - right?

3rd - I start building links -

I mostly start with directories, it give you a set of nice link. Followed by links from web 2.0 properties and eventually from PBN. To power up my links I later build Tire 2 links.

You MUST diversify your anchor texts - don't just recklessly throw in dozens of links with exact match anchor it won't rank you a shit. I mostly do link building with naked anchors, title of the post, brand and few partial match anchors this makes it much more natural.

Don't rush, SEO is a long term process.

SEO Tools:-

I don't use any super secretive, underground, out of the box tools. I accompany my SEO campaigns with these- Ahrefs, AdWords Keyword Planner, Moz, and Expireddomains.net. Pretty much that's it.

Bishal Biswas from BishalBiswas.com


Abhishek Jain from RustyBlogger

SEO Strategy:

SEO activities for a blog is no different from any other website. The only thing is you need to understand the nature of the audience you have. Here is a small guide to SEO activities which a newbie must perform while doing SEO for his/her project.

When you are promoting some kind of affiliate products on your website. Your main motto is to generate revenue, no matters how many visitors you get. Here community building play a great role.

SEO Tools:

Coming to the SEO tools, I am using these free tools such as Google Webmasters for error controls, Google Analytics for Tracking and my own custom bulk Email sending tool developed by my friend.

From last 6 months I rely completely on SEMRush for generating all kinds of keyword reporting, analyzing your competitors and creation of best performance Ads. This is a great tool that can reduce your manual work to only 10%. Go great! Happy Blogging :)

Abhishek Jain from RustyBlogger


Pritam Dash from TecHack

SEO Strategy:

Search engine optimization is one of the fastest-evolving industries. Google's Algorithms change, and the rules evolve along with them. What was relevant yesterday might not be relevant tomorrow. Staying on top means being aware of and adapting to changes as they happen.So according to my strategy i would suggest these tips below for newbies .

Speeding Up Your Website.

The basic point is that although it’s not a massive determinant on your SERP positions, it does have an effect. Google has also announced that slow websites may receive a penalty.So, you don’t have to invest every hour of every day into optimizing page load times, but you should have a snappy website. At the very least, make sure yours is faster than those in the SERPs around you.

Guest Posting.

In 2016, if you can master your ability to reach out to others, capture their attentions, and convince them to let you post on their blogs, congratulations — you have a steady link source that will help you rank for the entire year and beyond.

Stop focusing on low-quality links (like blog comments) and start putting your effort into something that currently works. Its Important !

Improving User Experience.

Google is getting better at determining which sites are providing the better information to the users. One major metric is bounce rate .  If a site is #1 and almost everyone is bouncing from that site, going to the #2 result, and staying there for a few minutes, then the site at #1 will drop drastically in the SERP.

Structured data with Schema.

Schema is a great way but lesser-known way to improve your search presence. Through those structured data, you can indicate to Google which part of your site is what. For example, you can indicate what picture is your logo, which pages are reviews, which pages are categories, etc.

Focusing On topics rather than Phrase.

Instead of targeting one section of a topic with your content, begin to target everything that could potentially be related to the topic.

For example, if you wanted to write an article about a specific widget, you may consider writing an entire page about “widgets” and including the specific widget as one of your headers.

SEO Tools:-

To compete with day today's SEO, it's essential to have the best tools at your fingertips enabling you to find new opportunities, save time and keep track of how your SEO can be boosted.

Keyword Analysis Tools.

It's true that Without Keywords there is no such thing as SEO. Naturally, keywords guide search engine users to your site, meaning how popular your site is, depends greatly on how well you utilize them. Ubersuggest and SEMrush are some great tools for keyword analysis.

Ranking Tools.

Knowing where your site currently ranks is also much important. It allows you to track which of your online marketing strategies are working best, letting you to focus similar efforts across your campaigns and seeing your traffic. Google Search Console and SEMrush are some great tool to analyse you website rank.

Link Building Tools.

Links building are one of the greatest ranking factors today. Methods of link building in the past have been incredibly manipulative, however in my eyes the likes of writing content on other sites is only beneficial to all involved. LinkMiner Plugin and MOZ SEO Toolbar are some great link building tools.

Pritam Dash from Techack


Jerry Low from Web Hosting Secret Revealed

SEO Strategy:

Links are the most important ranking factor. Do whatever it takes to grow legit link naturally for your blog. (Click to tweet)

Write compelling page titles that draw clicks. Based on recent SERP studies and SEO experiments, we now know that CTR is a substantial ranking factor. Hence having good titles that people want to click on matter.

SEO Tools:

I use SEMRush, Rank Ranger, and Majestic SEO. If I am forced to pick just one – SEMRush would be the one I can’t live without.

Jerry Low, founder of WHSR


Yashraj Kakkad from TechProbex

The first thing to be kept in mind for successful optimization is to forget about SEO for once.  Check the ranking sites for the keywords you're targeting. Can you make better content than what they do? Can you add more value to the reader's basket than them? If the answer to these questions is no, then you're already out of the race.

SEO Strategy & SEO Tools:

Talking about the strategy, you must learn to reverse engineer your competitors.

There are plenty of tools available these days, and most of them are free. If they aren't, at least they have a free trial option for you. Utilize them, and know what your competitors have better than you. If they have links, determine the link source. Try to get a link from the same sources as your competitors. Do some outreach to those linking sites asking for mentioning your site instead of theirs (assuming you have better content). Analyse their post structure. See what's working for them. Look at the kind of content being delivered. Make this your primary goal and you will see a remarkable difference in your rankings."  

Yashraj Kakkad from TechProbex


Robin Khokhar from TrickyEnough

SEO Strategies:-

  • Making long and unique content.

  • Accepting and posting Quality Guest Posts.

  • Optimizing the Blog with Proper On-Page optimization techniques.

  • Social media Optimization.

  • Writing content for the particular audience.

  • Commenting on others blogs.

SEO Tools:

Well, I will share those tools which i use for making my Blog Better:
  • Google Keyword Planner.

  • Blog Title Generator by SEOPressor.

  • Triberr "

Robin Khokhar from TrickyEnough


Nirmal Sarkar from HiTricks

SEO Strategies for 2016:

I strongly believe the Google Algo updates such as Panda, Penguin etc are FOR OUR BETTERMENT only. There is a good and valid reason why Google is doing that. The reason is: To Flush Out the Spammers or the Undesired ones in the line.

Link Building is an essential SEO technique, that needs hard work and dedication. It does not happen in a day. But some people just shows his thumb to Google and makes unnatural links over a short time. The Google Algo is just to eliminate them, that's all. Why shloud I or you be scared about that if you didn't use an undesired SEO Strategy?

So, the websites that are losing their Search Engine Rankings, I would advise them to focus on the content they offer on their blog, and write 100% complete articles. The reader should not feel the need to browse another website to get the same info. Develop a trust into your readers. So they will keep coming back to your site.

The next thing is On-Page SEO. Don't overlook On-Page SEO and go for Link Building only. Yes, link building ultimately helps you in ranking, but your page should be properly SEO for On-Page. Then only it can grip the visitors and last long.

The last thing is Keeping the Bounce Rates low. Try interlinking posts shamelessly. At least give a link back to 5 of your old articles on your post. DON'T LET A VISITOR QUIT YOUR SITE SO QUICK!

Once you master the art of keeping your visitors hooked into your site, you have done enough!

That's all. So, To round it up, The SEO Strategy should focus on trapping the visitors rather than fooling the search engines. Avoid bad links, do on-page SEO then go for off-page. Do internal linking. (Click to tweet).

SEO Tools:

Umm, did I say anything above that needs an SEO Tool? Nah! No 'tool' can perform a job which a human being is capable of. There are keyword research tools like Semrush, LTP, Google Keyword Planner, which shows the overall search volume and popularity of a keyword. They are all statistical data. You may use those keyword research tools for doing an in-depth analysis of your related keywords.

Another plugin I would recommend for every blogger is the Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress. It really does a good job in helping people with On-Page SEO.

For interlinking posts, I would suggest you do manual interlinking that using a plugin for the same. In that way you will have a clear-cut idea about your links.

I don't use much tools for myself. So, I am not going to suggest much. You may try whatever seems good to you and experiment.

PS: Strictly forbid using Article Spinners for generating articles

Nirmal Sarkar from HiTricks


Sathish Arumugam from Traffic Crow

SEO Strategy:

First, use some good hosting servers. Then it is a must to use dedicated server because all the shared hosting IP will be seen on various sites (common site, business sites, illegal sites, violent sites and more. This may not bring good ranking for the site. So you can use dedicated IP for good results.

Buy SEO Friendly Themes like Genesis framework themes, Mythemeshop and more. These themes are said to be a schema updated theme. This updating plays a vital role in SEO friendly.

Try to compress your sites and do not use more images in themes because the usage of images may increase the weight. Use must ALT TAGS in your images. Then finally, verify Gmetrix, Google Page Speed & Pingdom...

Choose proper keywords for better results. It is always best to choose longtail keyword which is in the low competition. This longtail keyword will help every newbie to success in a grand way. Beginners should avoid high competition keyword in the initial stage.

The effective tip to be success in SEO is using "1000 words content". As we all know “CONTENT IS KING,” proper importance and standards should be given while writing content. Try to choose the best topic and have a full study with the help of forums and other niche groups then you write content in a simple and attractive way. This helps you to have high social sharing.

To say truly, backlinks are the backbone of SEO. So my recommendation is always to use slow backlinks. The main reason for failure is doing more backlinks on a single day. So my suggestion is to increase your backlinks slowly by starting with 3-5 backlinks regularly. Patience is the best medicine for success in using backlinks.

I always avoid backlinks like directory submission,Blogspot comments and more. So try to avoid it.

These are the backlinks I am using, be sure the backlinks are high domain authority, Do blog comments regularly, do guest posts on high authority sites, do authority backlinks in sites like apple.com, Firefox, create web 2.0 profile, do testimonial and donation backlinks and do spy backlinks in some high authority sites.

Try to read this URL; you will get more ideas- 17 Untapped Backlink Sources

SEO Tools:

To identify the mistakes and to improve the site I am using the tools like GT Metrix, Pingdom and Google speed checker. This is completely a free tool. With the help of these tools, I am improving my site’s performance.

I am using Longtail Pro Platinum version tool for the keyword from last 1 and a half years. This helps me to generate high traffic on my site. It makes you to use low search term long tail keywords easily. This will help every newbie to succeed in their way.

For content writing, I am using Grammarly paid version and Microsoft word. This supports me a lot to have quality contents.

For competitor analysis, I am using SEMRush tool from last year. So I am analyzing competitor’s backlinks easily. From that, I am choosing only the high authority backlinks. And if you do not afford to use this tool, there is a best alternative tool at free of cost i.e., OpenLinkProfiler

Hope the information is useful. Execute the tips and achieve grand success.

Sathish Arumugam from Traffic Crow


Hussain Omar from Cost Effective SEO

SEO Strategy:

Doing SEO for a blog differs slightly, it is not a site that has handful static pages, so you should consider that in your SEO strategy since day one, for the on-site and the off-site.

Plan it Well:

Selecting the CMS you prefer to deal with (WordPress is perfect for this purpose), your SEO plugin, Social plugins, speed plugins, etc.., should be planned well.

Whatever the remaining of your strategy, it should be something that you will do on a regular basis, as you will need to do it for every post.

Being Persistent is the Key:

As it is a blog it must be always updated, to get it indexed properly.This can’t be achieved without keywords!

So, getting prepared with your keyword list will help. Not necessarily keywords with high search volume,  as it is a blog you should have a large number of posts, and the keywords search volume needn’t to be huge.

Even keywords of 10 monthly searches could be targeted, and the unexpected variations of the same keywords will do well for you.

Your Content Should Provide Value:

The days of writing content just for search engines are gone, your content should be interesting, and the keywords you have researched must be used in perfect sense with no stuffing, using LSI keywords could help in this area.

Build Your Links from the Niche.

For the link building, networking with peers in your niche will make it much easier, and that makes the joy of the game, you will comment and get comments in return, and submit guest posts whenever you have the chance to do. Even outreach will be much easier after the building the relationship.

SEO Tools Make it Easier:

For the Keyword research: Google Keyword Planner,LongtailPro, SEMrush, MOZ Keyword Difficulty and Spyfu are really great tools.

To analyze your competitors: SEMrush, Ahrefs, and Majestic work very well.

Hussain Omar from CostEffectiveSEO


Ashish Jain

SEO Strategy:

  • On Page SEO,

  • Off Page Seo

  • Good Content

  • Proper use of keywords,

  • Tire 1,

  • Tire 2

  • Tire 3 

SEO Tools:

  • Ahrefs,

  • Semrush,

  • Backlink indexer,

  • GSA,

  • Scrapbox

Ashish Jain


Nikhil Saini from Myquickidea:-

SEO Strategy:

In SEO perspective, each keyword needs to have a specific strategy according to the competition. First you should do proper keyword research. Find long tail keywords having low competition because they are easy to rank and give good conversion. After it, you need to create quality post around your keyword. Your content should be well optimized and look natural in reading. LSI keywords must have in the content. To give proper value to your blog readers, include each smallest aspect in the content so the users don’t have to go on any other blog to read the related information. While you done with the content, promote your post on social media and other platforms. Start building links and scale up with the process gradually. The number of high quality links pointing to your post/page helps in ranking faster.

At site level, the structure of the site should be well optimized according to seo perspective. You must have proper menus to navigate the site. Your blog should load faster. Moreover, run your blog professionally and make a plan for everything. A specified seo strategy can give good traffic to your blog.

SEO Tools:

  • For content: Grammarly

  • For keywords: Keyword Planner, Long tail Pro

  • For Competitor analysis: Ahrefs

  • For on-site analysis: Screaming Frog

  • Most Essential Tool: Your Common Sense

Nikhil Saini from MyQuickIdea


Dinesh Vel from ClashOfApps

SEO Strategy:

We all know the significance of SEO and it is currently changing day by day, So we have to adapt according to it, People should learn On Page and Off Page SEO, And they should also learn proper ways of link building such as guest posting. I love to experiment various things and I learn everyday somethings new from experts, What they are doing online, If you want to be successful over SEO, You have to learn lot and you must try implementing it as a strategy.

SEO Tools:

There are various tools which bloggers are using nowadays, My primary tool is Ahrefs, Google webmaster, SEMrush. I use them for various purposes. Ahrefs for competitor analysis, Webmaster to check site health, SEMrush for keyword analysis, We can say that this software is a big backbone for your site. Theme of the site also matters alot.

Dinesh Vel from ClashOfApps


Preet Sandhu from BeforeBuyReviews

SEO Strategy:

In 2016 there is no special SEO tactics that you should follow. Just stick to basics, produce quality content for your blog and make relevant backlinks and enjoy SERP ranking. :)

SEO Tools:

Well, there is no specific tools for SEO, according to me. You just need to install SEO by yoast or All-in-one SEO pack in your blog. These are two basic and evergreen tools that will work best for your blog. :)

Preet Sandhu from BeforeBuyReviews


Pradeep Kumar from HellBoundBlogger

SEO strategy:

Apart from backlinks and quality content, we badly need to optimize our blogs for the mobile users. If we can give them good comfort, then we can easily pass this test. A properly optimized fast loading theme is very essential for our blog. Our blog speed matters a lot for our search rankings. This might be a minor tip, but this is something I'm working very hard this year. Give your blog's mobile users the best experience ever.

SEO Tools:

Free Tools: Google Analytics, Google AdWords Planner, Bing Ad Keyword Planner and Bing Ads Intelligence.

Paid Tools: Moz, SEMrush, Ahrefs and Majestic SEO are more than enough.

Pradeep Kumar Founder & Editor, HellBound Bloggers (HBB)


Anh Nguyen from BloggingThing

SEO Strategy:

I believe the best SEO strategy every bloggers need to follow is to create awesome content around specific keywords. You won't be able to rank and/or profit from mediocre posts. However it doesn't matter how great your content are, Google won't favour you against the established top blogs.

Keyword research is the foundation of SEO. Have a specific plan of action for which keywords you want to target and how you'll promote it. Be patient, and experiment.

SEO Tools:

As for the best tools, SEO is a very broad field, the resources you'll use depend vastly on your goal. That said, my favourite SEO tools are Jaaxy, a unique low-competitive keyword research tool, and Ahrefs, some of the best backlink analyser in the market.

Anh Nguyen from BloggingThing


Rajeesh Nair from PickDigest

SEO strategy:

Ans. Content is the key SEO strategy today. By content, I don't mean writing articles. Content can be classified as a lot of things today. In terms of text, it can be White Papers, Research Papers, Detailed Analysis Report, etc. One can also create great content as infographic images or images that are both attractive and information. Finally, the audio as well as video content are quite popular now days with the rising popularity of Podcasts and YouTube culture.

So, for me the answer is simple. New as well as existing bloggers must emphasize on Content more than building links or putting too much efforts on SEO.

SEO tools:

The best tool I found for SEO is the Yoast SEO Plugin. Also, the Google Adwords Keyword Planner is quite an effective tool to assess the right keywords for creating new content as well. I basically don't use any other major tool or premium SEO tools as I am not into niche sites or event blogs.

Rajeesh Nair from PickDigest


Rohan Mahndiratta from WiredReach

SEO Strategy:

According to me, SEO is changing every day and to maintain the SERP's we need to change our strategy accordingly. I recently noticed that LSI keywords are helping a lot getting higher SERP's because they look natural. LSI keywords are "Click Here", "View Source" etc, and people need to understand that long term SEO can only be maintained if everything looks natural. (Click to Tweet )

SEO Tools:

Personally, I use Google Keyword Planner and Long Tail Pro. (Click to Tweet)

Rohan Mahndiratta from WiredReach.org


Ravi from BloggingLove

SEO Strategy:

Well, everybody is running towards the SEO. Bloggers are dwelling their mind to have new ideas improve the SEO of their website. In my opinion, consistency is the biggest key to crave the better results. Google algorithms keep changing and you can't adapt one format of SEO.

Don't try to boost up the SEO by providing the quantity, focus on the quality of the content. Make human bonds and reciprocate the shares.

I hope this would work fine. If you want to ask anything then I am here to help you.

SEO Tools:

There are many SEO tools present in the market. If beginners want to know about SEO writing then they should use the SEOPressor tool which you improve their writing skills. Writing an SEO friendly post is an important aspect to think about.

Bloggers should search the SEO friendly keywords using Google Planner or Keywords Tool. And when it comes to the SEO of your website then you should use the Thesis Themes with the inbuilt SEO. No SEO plugin is needed.

Ravi from BloggingLove


Adid Khan from ArtiWards

SEO Strategy:

The first thing that comes to my mind when someone talks about SEO is that "Don't focus on SEO like hell, if you want to gain rankings". The common problem with most of the bloggers is that they put extreme force on the Search Engine Optimization. The reason behind this is that the Google Algorithms have evolved over times and it is very intelligent as of now. Extreme focus on SEO leads to a situation where Google thinks that you are spamming. On-page SEO techniques should be used with caution. LSI keywords and a good link profile (improving your trust and citation flow) can help you a lot. Never ever buy links from Fiverr or somewhere similar. Try to be natural with your content and techniques. Read and research daily on the topics related to SEO.

SEO Tools:

I don't use a lot of tools. But some of them are Keyword Planner, SEMrush, Longtail Pro and Hittail. Mozbar is really helpful for competition analysis. Google search is itself the best tool for LSI keyword research. For videos and youtube, I have used VidIQ but for a very small time. However the result was impressive.

Adid Khan from ArtiWards


Manidipa Bhaumik from WPBlogging360

SEO Strategy:

SEO is not a one-time activity. It requires a long term commitment. Search engines come with new algorithm updates on a regular basis. So the techniques that have given you tremendous benefits last year, may not work in current time.

However, the basics of search engine optimization remain same. If you want to achieve your SEO goals and earn high ranking and traffic, then keep your basics right. Some of the essentials of search engine optimization are:

  • Get a top level domain and a good hosting.

  • Invest on a good responsive theme.

  • Lower the page load time of your website.

  • Build a Sitemap for your blog.

  • Research well and find long tail keywords.

  • Write a good quality post without any grammatical error.

  • Complete the Onpage SEO basics like meta, H-tags, permalink structure, image alt text etc.

  • Build/ earn relevant quality backlinks from sites in your niche.

  • Boost Social sharing of your blog posts as now a days social signal matter a lot.

  • Maintain blog post update frequency.

Blog commenting is another best tool which can earn you a good amount of traffic and of course backlinks. Also, use your conscience to get the benefits of your SEO campaigns.

SEO Tools:

There are many free and paid tools available that can give your SEO campaign a strong boost.

  • For Keyword Research: Google Keyword Planner, Long Tail Pro

  • For Onpage SEO: Yoast SEO Plugin

  • For Competitor’s Backlink Analysis: SEMRush

  • For Removing Bad Links: Disavow Tool

  • For Keeping a tab on Rankings: Google Search Console

Moz’s Open Site Explorer is another great tool where you can get some very useful information about a website; like backlinks, domain authority, page authority, anchor text, top pages etc. Also, you can have some other advanced metrics in the paid version.

Be patient. It may take some time to see significant results of your SEO efforts. And this is more evident when you are new to blogging.

Manidipa Bhaumik from WPBlogging360 and TechListz


Apoorv from Apoorv & YouthSensation

Well as we all know, blogging nowadays is becoming tedious as well as a lot hectic if their isn't proper content and strategies both are the fundamentals of ranking and outranking of a particular blog. Also with pace google is changing its policy is more or less creates worry to bloggers as well. As the probability of losing ranking penalty terms etc are induced with every notification that we can find. Making it really difficult for the bloggers to sustain, especially the new bloggers or some extreme failures like me.

As of now I'm not expert rather a failure you can say hope below my opinions could satisfy some of your informational thrust.

SEO Strategy:

Well simple funda is to make small goals find the keywords that you want to rank have good studies across it. Find the competitor and create fresh good quality backlinks most important is those backlinks should get index. At the same time doing on page seo and writing quality content is the foremost thing to do.

SEO Tools:

Google keyword tool was something very useful and friendly while you can also use keyword finder like keywordsshitter, keywords.io etc. A google search will help you out.

Apoorv from apoorv & youthsensation


Minuca Elena from MinucaElena.com

SEO Strategy:

As a blogger, you have to make sure that your content is perfect for your audience and the content solves the readers' problem when they visit your blog. Along with that you also need to have a proper SEO strategy to make sure that readers FIND your blog.

Having a proper strategy for SEO helps you bring thousands of free visitors to your website and that too for free.

The best strategy to have is:

  1. Consistent schedule: Have a consistent content publishing schedule is very important so that your visitors can anticipate when your next blog post will be published. Also, a consistent blogging schedule helps you get disciple and publish more content which in turn gets more traffic.

  2. Perfect on Page: Make sure you have perfect on-page SEO. You can use All-in-one SEO or Yoast (both free) plugins to do it on WordPress. A lot of bloggers ignore on page SEO and focus only on the content. Unless your on page SEO is perfect, Google won't know which keywords to rank you for. It takes 2 minutes after you publish a blog post to get it right.

  3. Network in your niche so that you can get backlinks: It is all about networking. I have been featured on Huffington Post 5 times. It's all about networking with the right people, influencers and people that are well connected.

SEO Tools:

The main tools you need are:
  1. Google Keyword Planner (free): For finding out a limited number of searches. It is an excellent tool which can tell you what the number of searches is for a keyword and help you decide if you need to go ahead and target them.

  2. Semrush (some free searches per day): To check competition of the keywords. It is an excellent tool that helps you check the competition of the keywords. You just need to paste in the list of keywords in the keyword difficulty section, and they rank the keywords as per difficulty.

  3. Keyword Rank Checker (free): When you have keywords in the Top 100 positions, it's good to know where you rank. For that to check your keyword position, this free tool is very helpful.

  4. Mozbar (free): To check the strengths and weaknesses of competition sites, the Moz bar is the best. It gives you the DA and PA of all the sites on a page of Google at one glance and also tells you which sites it is getting backlinks from.
Minuca Elena from  MinucaElena.com


Sumit SK from Gadgetlio

SEO Strategy:

  • On Page SEO

  • Off Page SEO

  • Link Building

Google is regularly updating their algorithm, so just be careful about SEO. Because I also have lost some of my blogs and AdSense account due to some mistakes and many blogs are got penalized. So just update your blog regularly with rich content and proper rich keywords, I would like to tell you that be careful about any update on your blog don’t use weak and copied content while updations and one more thing stay updated with google’s updations.

SEO Tools:

If you are using WordPress then it's good because I would like to tell you that blogger is just a learning platform, not a gaming platform, then if you have crossed the learning stage and enter in a game time, then WordPress is best for you. Here on WordPress, a lot of plugins and tools are available that can help you to achieve your SEO goals. Personally, I would like to suggest you-

  • Yoast SEO- It’s a great plugin which may help you to learn the necessary things of SEO.

  • WP Smush- It’s a plugin by which you can do the best SEO for your images.

In WordPress, a lot of plugins are available to make your work easy and faster. I can’t list all the tools, but I want to tell you that you have to give a try with your Patience and passion for blogging to achieve your SEO goal. Thanks

Sumit SK from Gadgetlio


Amey Bansod from TechnoClever

SEO Strategy:

Strategy is follow the basics and provide value to your visitors. Content is the king. Just make sure that your basics are clear like writing perfect meta titles, descriptions, giving proper tags, etc. Also, keyword research is one of the most important thing that newbies normally ignore. While building links, never spam. Decide link building strategy carefully. Make sure you check how your site looks via google weblight. There is slight possibility that it may disrupt the page structure especially if you are using flashy or complex themes consisting lot of CSS, jQuery, AJAX or other bandwidth eaters. Make sure you fix those.

Also, as time passes, you'll get very important data via webmaster tools, Google Analytics, other analytics tools you might be using. Analyze it. It really helps. Use of Bing webmaster tools is also recommended.

SEO Tools:

For the beginners, I normally recommend Google Adwords Keyword Research tools. It gives good idea regarding the current market. I also recommend Google Trends, News which helps producing trending content. UberSuggest, SmallSEOTools get the work done at beginning. I like SEMrush, Moz tools, Long tail pro, which are few of premium ones.

Amey Bansod from TechnoClever


Akshit Wadhwa from BlogHaul

SEO Strategy:

If you want your rankings to be stable, focus on user metrics. From having a high quality site, to giving a users to stick around, in the long run search engines will have no choice but to focus on user metrics, as a search engines goal is to please users.

SEO Tools:

It have been having a lot of SEO tools in the Industry but not necessary to use all the tools to Complete their SEO Strategy. I would only suggest important ones according to me that is "Semrush" & "Moz". But it is not necessary to use every tool to complete your SEO Strategy you can also get it done by yourself you're a Expert. Tools also depends according to the user niche. There is one more tool named as "Long Tail Pro" this tool helps to find long tail keywords.

Akshit Wadhwa from BlogHaul


Reji. Stephenson from DigitalDimensions4u

SEO Strategy:

Proper keyword research and publishing high-quality, unique content is the best strategy anyone can follow to achieve SEO goal. If you are able to publish unique content consistently, you don’t need to worry much about link building as your blog will be in a better position to get backlinks from other authority sites since your content is of high quality. Also, keep in mind other factors like a good mobile responsive theme since the number of users accessing internet keep on increasing day by day.

SEO Tools:

Regarding tools, a Keyword research tool like ‘Longtail Pro’ or a similar one is a must to create content that can be ranked well in search engines. The other must-have main tools include ‘Yoast SEO’ plugin, an email responder like ‘GetResponse’ for building your list that is a must for enhancing the prospects of your business.

Reji. Stephenson from DigitalDimensions4u


Dilip Sharma from BlogBing

SEO Strategy:

Before Getting into Depth, Know what thing google consider while ranking.
  • Keyword Presence

  • Content Quality

  • LSI (LatestSemanticIndexing) Keywords

  • Backlinks, Internal Links and LinkBacks (Linkback is sometimes maybe wrong practice )

  • PageSpeed

  • Use of Images and References

  • Social Media presence

And a lot more...

As we all know that Google or other Search Engine keep updating themselves, there is no 'all time guide of SEO'. We Change our strategy according to each and every update of Google and others. But still, there are few things which we can consider while doing SEO stuff for the blog.

  • Quality Content : The Foundation of REAL SEO starts from it, Quality contents always give you a fruitful result.

  • Backlinks : Second thing in SEO which is going to last forever for sure. Even if SE stop taking it as Ranking Factor, People will still visit your site through link containing site.

  • Understanding and USING Black hat and white hat techniques : Some use BLACKHAT SEO to rank their sites while some PRO suggest to use WHITEHAT only. I say they both are wrong and they know it because they are also not following what they are saying. I will recommend to use GREYHAT SEO, It is basically a mixture of both Black Hat and White Hat. Here is what one of my friend say : "For SEO, I suggest not to be completely dependent on Black Hat SEO or White Hat SEO Only. Use mixture of various SEO Techniques for best result. Same thing apply for Backlinking also. Simply, "Your Backlinks should not look natural, but it should be natural"

  • Eye catching headlines : Okay, Sometime this thing is not considered as real SEO but still it may change viewers mind to click on your site. And one thing more there is a Huge differece between 'Eye Catching and Clickbait' title lines. Clickbait may help you first time and second time but third time you gonna be unlucky. Clickbait headlines are just Destroying you BRAND Value.

  • Last but not the least : Your Presentation, Yes it is part of your ON-Page SEO.If your visitors are happy with you blog design or content presentation They will tend to Land on Your Blog Again and Again. Using Images, Video and Bullets etc makes your content attractive and use to the Viewers. ( Will talk about it deeply, Later On !)

SEO Tools:

Here is what I use Often !
  • KwFinder : Its My Love ! First Love Of Blogging. Although You can use Semrush, Ahref etc for KW research but still, I will suggest every beginners to Start Your Keyword Research with it.

  • Ahref : Okay, So your are not new in Blogging Industry and nor You have a strong base in it but earning money which you can Spend On Blogging Tools. I will suggest you to get Ahref First. This is Pure Gold.

  • Facebook and Google Ads : Make Quality content, setup Affiliates link and Boost Your article on Google result and Facebook = Boom ! Money $$$$ in less time.

  • For competitive SEO, Go for Scrapebox and Screaming Frog with Xenu. Also, try to utilize Moz Bar. it's Gold mine if you can utilize it well.

  • Webmaster : Yes, Webmaster.... The tools which connect you with Heart of a Search Engine !

  • Canva: Your post is a fail if you are just using text, not any graphics, For Images and Shapes I will Suggest You to Use Canva.com, It have many Cool as well as Productive Features. You'll Love it.

  • Rich Schema Plugin is also a plus Point.

  • SSL : Well, Google is considering SSL as a ranking factor and it also Boost Visitor confidence as well. 35% results of google are having an SSL certificate. You can get you SSL FREE at sslforfree.com.

  • Using of GA : Use Google Analytics for tracking users' interaction with the blog. Find Negative point and Improve YourSelf. There are many more tools which I will reveal later. One Quote from my side which will help you in Doing BIG, not waiting for BIG Thing to happen....

When People Say "Enjoy The Litle Things" ...

I say them "While You are enjoying your Litle things, I am going to make my thing BIG !"
In short never, stop working, even you have reached to the success once. People will say your first success was your luck nothing else. Unless You prove yourself and work again. The first victory is just a start.

Dilip Sharma from BlogBing


Ashutosh Jha from TricksRoad

SEO Strategy:

I first focus on the content. Whenever I have to write on any topic, simply I find the main keyword and try to focus on that in the content.

After that, I check the google Searches related to blog marketing available at the bottom of the search results for the LSI keywords and Google instant suggestion for the long tail keyword.

You can also take help of keyword tools like LTP but for daily use I prefer Google and for niche selection, I use LTP.

Once content is ready, let it get indexed naturally in the search engine and check ranking and depending on the rank, work further to get it high in the result. You can make some links, share on social media and do some bookmarking etc. as required.

SEO Tools:

There are many tools available in the market for the bloggers to use and all claim themselves as #1 but the thing is we can't use all of those and it is not relevant as well. You can check what all tools others use here.

I usually use the below for my normal SEO work-

  1. AdWords- for normal keyword analysis

  2. Wincher - To keep track of the keyword ranking in search engine.This is a free tool and will send you the report whenever there will be a change in ranking for your specified keyword.

  3. webCEO- for the campaigns. It is like all in one tool using which you can manage social media work with your competitor's ranking and many other SEO works.
Though there are lot more tools but you should use those which you require really. You can also use Hootsuite for social media scheduling etc.

Ashutosh Jha from TricksRoad


Atman Shah from BlogLikePro

SEO Strategy:

As Google is evolving from a bot to smart ranking brain, Changes need to be made to way we do SEO for our Websites / Blog. Instead of making low quality content, try to make good and high quality content.

Integrate Schema Rankings which also makes Google understand your website better and rank it better.

This year, I also expect social Signal's to be a ranking metric of higher value. Mobile-Friendliness is also taking a step forward these days so Make sure you are using a mobile-friendly WordPress theme. Themes with Clean Navigation will be better. Lastly, Speed is becoming a critical factor, Slow Loading websites aren't liked by people anymore. Anything above that 1.5 to 2 seconds can be bad for your site.

Overall, this year is going to have many changes in way we do SEO. Make sure to follow Google Search Blog which is directly updated by Google. You might get regular Sneak-Peaks which might be into action soon.

Lastly, Keep User Experience in mind. This is what Google keeps in mind while making changes in there algorithms.

SEO Tools:

Recommend getting following tools:

  • KwFinder

  • Google Keyword Planner

  • Ahrefs / SEMRush

These should be enough for bloggers.

Atman Shah from BlogLikePro


Dhiraj from SourceWP

SEO Strategy:

The very first strategy that you need to follow is to not try and overdo SEO. Bloggers should stick to basics because the basics never change.

No matter how smart you are, there will be one algorithm change and all your efforts will go in vain. So, stick to basics, don't try to over smart search engines.

On-page SEO is extremely important and I personally don't focus on anything other than on-page SEO which again follows the basic SEO strategies like optimizing the title, meta description, optimizing the images etc.

The regularity of posting is another very important factors. If you can produce high-quality unique content regularly, you don't have to think much about other factors.

So, create content for humans, not search engines, that's the mantra I believe.

SEO Tools:

I personally use the basic SEO tools such as the following

  1. WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast (the free version is good enough).

  2. Google Analytics.

  3. Google Search Console.

You can definitely us a broken link checker plugin to keep track of the broken links on your blog.

Dhiraj from SourceWP


Saurabh Tiwari from AllDigitalTrends

SEO Strategy:

Making a strong SEO technique implies utilizing a perceptive, multifaceted methodology that spreads everything from the on page optimization, Keyword research, and quality content creation and focused on ways to deal with Content promotion.

You require an SEO Strategy that lay out the objectives you're trying to reach, focus on your niche audience, and dives into the competitor website you're trying to win in. As a blogger or SEO guys, you need to stay up to date with Google algorithm that could influence your ranking.

SEO Tools:

For me, here are the SEO tools which I use to manage my SEO strategy

  • Google Keyword Planner

  • SEOquake

  • ALL in one SEO

  • Grammarly

  • ahrefs

  • semrush.

Saurabh Tiwari from AllDigitalTrends


Arvind Kumar from GadgetInfo

When I started blogging, I was not aware of SEO, Backlink, ALEXA RANK, DA (Domain Authority), MozRank, keyword ranking etc. But later I came across these things and started working on them. Google is changing the policies, terms and conditions every day, so you all should be aware of your SEO. Policies of all search engines are almost same, but sometimes Rank on different search engines varies by a big difference.

SEO Strategy & SEO Tools:

Few most important points to keep in mind for the betterment of your blog SEO are:

  1. Go to other blogs and start commenting on blog posts. Comment should appreciate the post. It helps in getting backlink and SEO.

  2. Register on Google analytics and Google webmaster tools. It will give an idea about keywords, traffic source and organic traffic.

  3. Choose a perfect template, so that blog will load faster.

  4. Optimize Page Titles & Meta Description, Create Robots.TXT and Create XML Sitemap.

  5. Register your blog on different blogger forums. It will help you in getting traffic.

  6. Write guest post on other blogs and put maximum 2 links in that post, which will help you in driving traffic to your blog.

  7. Few important online tools which helped me lot are Rankpay, SEO report card, Found’s SEO Tool and Varvy SEO tool.

Arvind Kumar from GadgetInfo


Vishal Sharma from SpeedSorcerer & TheVishalSharma

SEO Strategy:

A Search Engine Optimization Technique that always works:

My backlink building strategies - Whenever you think about a Search engine optimization strategy, I've always found that Quality link building and Page Speed Optimization works like a charm and boost your rankings dramatically.

To achieve this, I keep a track of some unknown *Footprints* which helps me in finding some high-quality sites offering do-follow backlinks to their visitors. If you're not able to rank your money sites, Then this is only going to help you rank higher than your competitors.

My page speed optimization strategy - Page Speed is an upcoming most know search engine optimization that will dramatically improve bounce rate, Ranking in a very proper way.

I have a good Facebook group where I share strategies to improve the loading time which can be found here.

SEO Tools:

I don't use a lot of tools but, a few.

  1. IFTT.com - This is the only tool that helps me with the publicizing part and keeps me away from using a resource eating plugin.

  2. Google Keyword Planner - This is used by a majority of bloggers to multiply their keyword list.

  3. Ahrefs - To keep a track on my backlink profile and steal a few backlinks from my fellow bloggers.

  4. Alexa - To keep a track on my rank and get advertisers on my personal blog.

Vishal Sharma from  SpeedSorcerer and TheVishalSharma


Ashwani Jain from Mirchiblogger

SEO Strategy:

According to me and my personal thinking for ranking and achieving the seo goal related and quality link building is the best strategy we should follow which need a lot of hard work to do.

While achieving the seo goal, you need to define you seo goal which you want to achieve and then make some small segment of this in which you have to apply all the step for achieving it. We generally focus on two things which are as follows -:

  1. Updated and regular quality content -: It is one of biggest thing which you have follow for your blog that you have to fill your blog with updated and good quality content which should not be copy or spin like stuff from any blog over the internet. Google, yahoo and other search engine will like your blog if you have consistency in the updating of your blog with the quality content and it will surely improve the authority of your blog. I don’t mean that you have to update your blog daily but you need to update it on the regular interval which can be one day, two day or weekly.

  2. Quality link building on related blog -: This is second major task which we have to follow while this is most important fact about the search engine that you can’t rank your bog if you don’t have some quality link and if those links are quite related then that will be your biggest achievement and Google and other search engine will also love it. I have seen that if you have related link then it is equal to 10 quality links for your blog and able to rank your site.
I generally work on only two things which make enough work for ranking my website and blog.

SEO Tools:

While the question arises about using of seo tools then I always prefer to use keyword planner tools which give some better keyword to me for adding in my article and for making backlinks.

But a part from the google planner tool, I like ahreaf tool too which is very biggest tool which give me some advance keyword and help me spying the links of my competition.

Ashwani Jain from Mirchiblogger


Sanu Siddharth from OnlyLoudest

SEO Strategy:

According to me SEO is just like a Game where we need to try again and again to win . Simply If we use SEO practice in our work field so it can help us to drive targeted traffic from Search Engine . Basically SEO is just only for Marketing your product / Content using few Keyword because Search engine works only on Keywords .

Actually Begging of my Blogging Journey i forgot to give importance to Keyword research that was my biggest mistake and while i was building backlinks too but traffic was remains same , after doing proper SEO like Proper keyword research + Quality Backlinks reached to my blogging destination .

But My Suggestion is If you are new in Blogging and wants to do SEO practice so never do Keyword Stuffing and Backlink Spamming and write quality content and make use of proper keyword and i sure you will win this Game .

SEO Tools:

I use only
  • Yoast SEO Plugin

  • Long tail pro

  • Google Keyword Planner

  • Google Analytics
Sanu Siddharth from OnlyLoudest


Salman Khan from founder of Guide2SEO

SEO Strategy:

As per my experience. SEO consists of two main things. The first one is content and the second is linking. Write more content and it should be in such a way that, by virtue of its awesomeness your content should attract readers & get natural links. Once you have done with writing attractive content, share the same on all available social platforms. Do not under-estimate any of the social media platform. Especially for small businesses who cannot afford more on advertisements should go social. Social media is the place where you can build your audience. Also, focus on building right audience, target the people who are interested in your product. If these two things are done appropriately then you could win the race easily. No matter, what algorithm update happens, you can remain stable on SERP.

SEO Tools:

Google keyword planner is a basic tool for keyword research. You can also try ubersuggest.org & semrush for keyword research. Make use of Google fight for analyzing the keywords you have selected. Screaming frog for finding issues on your website.

Salman Khan from founder of Guide2SEO


Santanu Debnath from MyPassiveIncomeTips & MyDailyLifeTips

SEO Strategy:

Search Engine Optimization is like a vast sea. It takes time to see the results of a good SEO strategy. Personally I believe in creating websites for long run by following proven SEO techniques in the industry. Here are few points I would like to mention about my simple SEO practices:
  • Writing content with proper keywords covering long tail keywords, related terms etc.

  • Writing longer content to cover almost every detail of the topic

  • Writing on the terms what people are looking for

  • Keeping on-page SEO factors in line, mainly interlinking blog posts with proper keywords

  • Regular blog commenting in the similar niche blogs to bring referral traffic as well as keeping off-page SEO factors align

  • Contributing quality guest posts on high authority blogs in the same niche

SEO Tools:

I am not an SEO expert, so not much depending up on any professional tool. But offcourse, to do my daily blogging research I use couple of popular SEO tools like:

  • SEMRUSH for competitor analysis

  • Alexa Traffic Rank

  • Keyword.io for long tail searches

  • Google Keyword Planner

  • MOZ Open Site Explorer

  • Dropmylink for finding blogs to comment

Santanu Debnath from MyPassiveIncomeTips & MyDailyLifeTips


Savita Singh tech Blogger From ComputerGeekBlog

SEO Strategy:

That depends on how you define your SEO goal. If you want to have a lot of eyeballs to just skim through your content, you can opt for those massive link building sessions. But I am not a fan of this.

I believe in authority and user engagement. By user engagement, I don’t mean a thousand social share or a hundred comments; the impact a piece of content makes in the mind of a reader. So, you need readers first.

SEO is so far the best way to attract loyal audience to your blog. And, I insist every blogger should take it seriously.

I have no secret strategy as I follow four basic steps for SEO.
  • Keyword research:- Helps me get an idea of search volume, competition, CPC, related LSI and long tail keywords etc.

  • On-Page SEO:- Here come image optimization, keyword insertion (both LSI and log tail) accordingly and readability check. I don’t over-optimize article. If a keyword doesn’t fit the context, I am brutal enough to replace it with another word or phrase.

  • Off-Page SEO:- As I am not more into niche or event blogging, I haven’t explored off-page SEO much for my long term primary blog. But one should create quality backlinks (nowadays synonym of off-page) to rank a site. Backlinks never lost the charm and it won’t ever, in my opinion.

  • Social Sharing:- Google has started giving a great preference to social sharing. So higher the social share count, the better your ranking chances will be. I keep sharing my posts on major social media platforms and groups.

N.B- I know you haven’t got anything new here. Yeah! No secret SEO strategy is present. All the results depend on how you implement. SEO isn’t easy, neither will it be. You need to dedicate one heck of your time to get the perfect keyword especially when your blog is new and you got no PBN to backup.

SEO Tools:

The only essential tool I recommend is Google’s Keyword Planner. It gives you the precise search volume and CPC. Then, you can manually find the competition level.

But when it comes to saving time, I have a few recommendations. SEMRush is the best to steal keywords from your competitors. When you find a site with the authority same as yours, just plug the URL into the given field of SEMRush. Boom!! You will get their keywords with CPC and search volume info.

And for relative keywords, I use keywordshitter, Google’s related searches at the end and keyword.io.

Though I haven’t used much, Long Tail Pro (for keyword research) and Ahrefs (for stealing backlinks sources of domains) look promising. Else LSI keywords are damn helpful to get enough traffic and ranking on your blog. You can find LSI Keyword Research tutorial tips.

Savita Singh from ComputerGeekBlog

Once again I truly thank you the entire experts who have shared their expert recommendation for my Roundup Blog post & make this Roundup more productive. As always this is not the end. Still many SEO strategies & SEO Tools are there to win SEO goal. Do not hesitate to share those techniques with us. Comment box is waiting for your responses.


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