20 SEO Secrets That Will Make You King of SEO in 2021.

Understand what is SEO & Search Engines Means:-

Before starting with SEO, Let me tell you what a is Search Engine & How a Search Engine works. For a successful blog & website Approx. 70 to 80% of traffic comes from search engines like Google & 20 to 30% of traffic comes from social media accounts & direct links. In general, people don’t look at the website which is appearing on the  2nd, 3rd pages & more. Peoples only look at search results showing on the first page & in an exceptional case 2nd page. So, by this you can easily understand that you want to get traffic from Search Engine then your website has to come on the first page of search engine results.

Note:- Ranked no 1 for the name of your blog or company is not counting. Your website has to come on the first page for the words or phrases other people are searching on the web.

Before going forward take a look at the recent infographics we have created which can make you the king of SEO in the coming years.

You Can always use this infographic for your website without any hesitation. We don't encourage you to just download & upload this image for your blog post. Use this code to add this Important SEO Tips Infographic to your website.

Search Engine Results:-

The main motive of the success of search engines like Google & Yahoo is to showing good articles in their results. That means if you want Google to consider your article to place on their first page of results, that means your article should be relevant to the search query.

Note:- Relevant results make a good search engine. So, Google always changes its algo to show better search results.

Types of Search Engine Results:-

Nowadays we can see two types of search engine results.

Natural / Organic Results:- These are the real search results that are completely relevant to the search query. And these results are coming on the first page without spending any penny anywhere.

Paid Results:- These are the results that will come on the first page for the paid basis. This is the method of how search engines are earning money. Advertisers pay money to show their website on the first page of search engine results for any particular keyword.

In this situation, Search Engine optimization usually abbreviated as SEO comes in the notice. This is the only method to get natural/organic traffic from search engines.

Let's talk about how a search engine works & showing relevant results in their results:-

All search engines send “spiders” or “Robots” for crawling & finding the most relevant results to show in their results.

How SEO will help you to reach the top position in Search Engine results:-

I already told you that SEO means Search Engine Optimization which is helping you to rank high in Search Engines. There are two things that matter a lot in the term SEO.

  1. Keywords

  2. Backlinks (Links to your site)

Keywords:- Keywords are the first thing that Google & any other search engine see in your site. As I already told you that Google sends Spider or Robots to crawl your website & your article for indexing your site. In the time of indexing, Google checks the keywords, on which article has been written.

Do remember keywords are the very first thing you need to know to rank your website.

The idea of placing your keywords in the article is mentioned below.

  1. Keywords at the beginning of the article title.

  2. Keywords in the article link.

  3. Keywords in the photos or snaps in place in the article.

  4. Keywords variation in the whole article.

Backlinks (Links to your site):-

Links or you can say backlinks tell search engines that how important your site is. Search Engines will always consider your site important when your site has good authority backlinks from other authority websites.

Note:- From this above discussion we came to know that if your article focused on right keywords & your site has good authority backlinks then you have a great chance to rank in any big search engines like Google, Yahoo.

Submit your site Google:-

Here I am going to share a simple trick for a newly bought domain. The trick is as soon as you buy your domain name submit it to Google buy even you have not to build your website or you have not posted any content on your website. There are two reasons for this which are mentioned below this.

First of all new created domains or sites take a long time to indexed on site. Even you do everything correctly Google sometimes takes months to index your article in their search results. Here I want to suggest to you one important thing guys that please do not expect your article on the first page for newly created websites even you have done everything in a good way.

Google is taking some time to trust any blog website after recent algo updates of Google.

One more thing that some internet marketers think that Google “Sandbox’ the newly created website for some time to check that site is actually genuine or not. Google does this to show authority websites as well as relevant articles on their websites & also to reduce spammy links to enter in the search results.

Submitting your domain in Google as soon as your registration is beneficial for you. Because Google thinks that your website has some history & when you publish an article in that blog Google will not sandbox you & also take less time to index.

Method to submit your newly bought domain in Google:-

Here I want to tell you that you do not have to pay any penny to submit your website to Google & any other big search engines. Just click on the link mentioned here & submit your domain. Here is the link https://www.google.com/addurl (Free Submission)

Please note you have to sign in with a Google account to submit your article at Google. Google bots will crawl your website & make some history about your domain.

Submit your site to other search engines:-

There are hundreds of search engines on the internet but don’t have to submit your links in each & every search engine. You can just put your website link into Google & Yahoo. That's it. Google & Yahoo are the topmost search engines all over the internet. If your site is indexed by Google & yahoo then other small or medium search engines will start indexing your websites & will start showing your website in their search results.

You can easily submit your link to a yahoo search engine only just click on this link. https://search.yahoo.com/info/submit.html (Free Submission)

Also, you can submit your link to an MSN search engine by clicking the link mentioned here. https://www.bing.com/toolbox/submit-site-url (Free Submission).

Choose Keywords for your article:-

As I have already shared that proper keyword selection doing a major role to rank your website in search results, So Here I am sharing some online tools by which you can research your keywords for writing articles on it.

Google Keyword Planner:- Google Keyword Planner is an online tool by using it you can easily check which keywords have how many searches month wise as well as you check the competition level of the keywords in Google.

Here is the complete article How you can do keyword research.

Ahrefs:- Ahrefs is one of the most amazing tools to do keyword research & to do many more SEO related works. But it is a paid tool. You can get 7 days free trial of these tools.

Single Keyword VS Long Tail Keywords:-

As per my view if you want to rank your article in a short period of time then you must target long-tail keywords in your article. Now you probably thinking about what is long-tail keyword & what is the difference between a single keyword & Long Tail keywords.

A long-tail keyword is a keyword that has 2 to 5 words in keywords. For example, I can say Backlinks is a very popular keyword & many big websites are ranking for these keywords but you are new in this industry. So, if you are targeting the same keywords to rank in Google then it will be impossible as of now. So, if you are targeting “best authority backlinks to buy” then there is a huge chance to rank your article for this keyword.

Never target exact keywords in your article many times:-

In the time of researching your keyword, you might choose one or two keywords in one article. That is good but putting the same keyword in the article much time might be a reason of penalized by Google. If you want that Google sees your website is a good way then you must use relevant keywords in the article with the main keywords in the article. Also, you can use the Noun form, Adjective form, or adverb form of the keyword in the article for better results.

Note:- Do not try to put your keywords as much as possible in the article. This will make your site penalized by Google. So try to maintain a 2 to 3% keyword ratio in the article.

Optimize your website to rank high (On-Page SEO):-

For better ranking, you should always do proper On-Page SEO whenever you write an article on any topic. You have to mention your keywords in the article as well as behind your article. You should mention your keywords in all the meta tags & in the alt tags of the photo or snaps used in the article.

Word Count of the article for On-Page SEO:-

In every SEO guide, you may hear that content is king. I also agree with that but for this reason, you do not have to make your post huge. Content is king means you have made your content unique & detailed with proper On-page SEO. But if you still want to know the word count then you can write an article with more than 1000 words per article.

How many times you should use your keyword in the article:-

A good thumb rule is to maintain keyword density in the article is 2%. You can measure the keyword density of any article with this free online tool https://www.live-keyword-analysis.com/.

Target more than one keyword in one article:-

The best way to target one keyword in each article because if you are targeting more than keywords are competing with each other. But you can use several forms of the same keywords in an article. Like your main keyword is “Create Backlinks” then instead of putting the same keywords in an article many times you can put “Make Backlinks”, “Generate Backlinks”, “Produce Backlinks”, “Craft Backlinks”, “Build Backlinks” “Construct Backlinks”.

Where should I use keywords:-

When Google bots are coming to your site for crawling & indexing that time they always pay close attention to your text links & H1, H2, H3 tags as well as alt tags of photos you put in the article. So from this discussion, you came to understand where you have to use your keywords. Except for these, you can use your keyword anywhere in the whole article to maintain keyword density.

Generate backlinks (Links to your site):-

After on-page SEO with great content, it's time to generate backlinks for your website or backlinks for each & every article. As a thumb rule, I can say about backlinks is the more you have backlinks the more chances to rank your article in search engines. But before creating backlinks you should note that Google considers backlinks which are coming from High DA & relevant site.

That means the ideal kind of links are those that:-

  1. Come from the relevant site (Use the same keyword as the main keyword).

  2. Come from important sites that are ranking well.

  3. Come from High DA & PA sites.

  4. Include varying link text. (Not the same link text everywhere).

  5. Come from a page that is also linking to some other good authority pages.

How to create backlinks for your blog/website for better SEO:-

Building backlinks is a long term process. You should not create backlinks more & more in a short period of time. Google may penalize your site for spamming. To create good backlinks with a good trust factor you can submit your links to some good authority directories.

Submit your website to the MOZ directory:-

DMOZ is a web directory of Internet resources. The directory is hierarchically arranged by subject - from broad to specific. DMOZ is maintained by community editors who evaluate sites for inclusion in the directory. They are experts, and all submissions are subject to editor evaluation. You can simply click on the link mentioned here & check whether your site is eligible for MOZ submission or not.

Methods of crafting Backlinks for your website:-

To make more backlinks for your website, First of all, you have to check your competitor's backlinks.

  1. Just make a free account at SEOProfiler.com

  2. Put any website link in the search bar of SEOProfiler.

  3. This online tool will show you all the backlinks of the searched website.

  4. Now you have applied your brain how you also can make backlinks from those websites.
The easiest method to construct backlinks is Blog commenting & Guest posting. Here is the article on how you can get high-quality backlinks without guest posting.

Conclusion of SEO Secrets:-

We have discussed the basic but very important topics on SEO in this article. This is a suggestion from our side that making a blog/website & ranking in Google is not a job of one day. You have to research & try to get the best results continuously. Just search the best articles on the web & learn how they are ranking. You can follow Niel Patel, Brian Dean from Backlinko, Harsh from ShoutMeLoud. These are some great websites & you can get many hidden SEO tips they are following to get a high ranking in search engines.

SEO is a never-ending process. To know more about SEO Strategy I have created one roundup blog post where great industry bloggers have shared their SEO strategy to get a high ranking. Here is the link of 61 Experts share SEO Strategy & Tools needs to follow to win SEO Goal.

If you have any questions to more about SEO or you have any good suggestions for bloggers & internet marketers about SEO then please share with us via blog commenting.


  1. Thanks PRITAM:
    I was not aware of seoprofiler website, Its new for me but useful

  2. Hi Pritam,

    thanks for sharing the detailed tips about SEO and it`s secrets. Keyword research and backlinks are really beneficial when it comes to rank higher in search engine results to get more and more organic traffic.

    It also helpful to gain traffic for old old posts even when we are not working on them.

    I have used SEoprofiler and found it really helpful for analyzing competition and improve SEO strategies.

    Thank you for sharing, keep sharing more helpful content.

  3. What a comprehensive post about SEO, backlinks, and indexing.

    I always learn something new when I visit this site! :)

    I actually NEVER do keyword research. I just write about whatever comes to my mind. ;)

    It's probably one of the biggest problems I face as a pro blogger! LOL But I have to stay true to my heart. :)

    I also write for 3 different audiences on Wording Well: bloggers, writers, and freelancers.
    I like to keep my posts genuine, factual, and conversational. I have always believed that if I started writing for search engines, I'd lose my credibility as a blogger. So I write original content, I don't stuff keywords into my posts, and I keep my audience happy.

    The day that changes is the day I quit blogging. Seriously.

  4. I am already aware of these 20 SEO secrets which you are mentioning in this article. But I, euphoric to see this full collection in one blog It will be useful for all my SEO works. To get a good search engine result and more so traffic we need to concentrate on keyword research and backlinks. But frankly speaking, I'm little lazy to find the right keywords in keywords research. Is there any free and good tool available for that?

  5. You shared the best secrets about SEO.

    Getting high quality backlinks is a very big advantage for increasing site ranking on search engines, And this will be possible if we try to follow all the ideas you shared.

    Once again thanks, for sharing awesome post Pritam.

  6. As far as keyword density is concerned, I wouldn't even worry about it. And what I mean is, just write your content as you normally would and make it sound good instead of forcing yourself to use your keyword X number of times. If your content is decent at all it will have a nice keyword density without you even having to think about it.

  7. Hi ,

    Thanks for sharing the detailed tips about SEO and it`s secrets. Keyword research and back links are really beneficial when it comes to rank higher in search engine results to get more and more organic traffic.

    It also helpful to gain traffic for old old posts even when we are not working on them.

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  9. SEO is all about Latest techniques, tricks and tips as Google has update their udpate so SEO has become little hard to do so sharing some great SEO Secrets is really good.

    I really like some best SEO Secrets fromt this article.


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