Best Tools for Social Media Optimization in 2021

The main reason for optimizing a social media profile is to increase the level of engagement. For example, for the case of your Facebook page, you need to maximize it with the goal of improving Facebook like count. If you are doing it on another social media platform such as YouTube and Twitter, then you need to monitor the number of views and impressions of your posts respectively. But for you to manage your social media presence effectively, you need to use the right tool. Social media optimization tools help you to prepare and schedule your social media posts. They also provide a lot of analytical information about your performance on social media. Here are some of the best tools for social media optimization.


HootSuite is one of the oldest and most established social media optimization tools. Hootsuite started several years ago when very few people were talking about the need for social media optimization. Therefore, most of the features of this tool were designed to address the underlying problems that people face while trying to manage and optimize their social media presence.

The best feature of this tool is that its dashboard contains all the basic functionalities that you need to optimize your social media presence. Thus, by using the panel, you can conclusively determine the content that you post on the various social media sites that you use. Also, given that this tool has been in use for a long time, it is evident that many people trust it.


If Hootsuite was built for the traditional marketer who is interested in carefully managing the social media presence of a firm, then Everypost was explicitly made for the new-age marketer who is on the move. The Everypost app is available for the primary mobile operating system users. Thus, you can easily download it from your app store or play store and then install it on your mobile device.

The tool effectively lets you manage the kind of posts that you make on your various social media platforms. Besides, you can use it to get detailed and accurate reports about your performance on the different social media pages that you use.

Social Mention

Social Mention was specially made to help you listen to the chatter that takes place on social media pages. Usually, for you to optimize your social media presence successfully, you need to continually monitor what users of social media platforms say about you. Besides, the way that users talk about you and your brand has a direct impact on the general perceptions about you that the public develops. Thus, you must monitor what is taking place on social media before you respond to it effectively. Social Mention helps you to understand what people are saying about you in their social media chatter. Moreover, the tool helps to analyze the conversations by showing how they can affect your brand.


If you need a device that is very effective in integrating all your social media pages, then you ought to try Postific. Although this tool is new on the market, it has all the essential features that you need to manage your social media presence successfully. For example, you can use it to schedule posts across various pages and monitor the reaction of the audience. Also, you can use it to track the impact of your posts on your brand. Watching the performance of your brand on social media is one of the primary functions of social media optimization practices. Therefore, Postific is an ideal tool for managing your social media activities.


Buffer helps you to do several things on your social media accounts. For example, the tool lets you plan for your posts across multiple social media platforms. Therefore, when you are using Buffer, you can integrate all your social media pages and ensure that you keep your fans fully engaged. Also, Buffer provides you with the necessary analytical information on how your posts on various social media pages are performing. Therefore, you can use this tool to detect issues that need to be addressed. Besides, once you realize that some posts do not have the impact that you wanted them to show, you can make the changes using this tool and monitor your additional content again.

Circle Count

This social media optimization tool has been specially designed to manage Google + pages. Primarily, the tool helps you to monitor what leading persons on the social media platform are posting. In other words, you can use Circle Count to analyze what your competitors on Google+ are doing over the course of time. Once you get the information, you can change a few things about your approach to social media to ensure that you catch up with your essential competitors.

Content Gems

Content Gems is a new social media optimization tool that you can use to research the right content to post on your various pages. An essential feature of this tool is that it can be integrated with many other social media optimization tools to help you get the right results. For example, you can use it with Buffer to create content that meets the specific needs of your audience. While using Content Gems, you need first to identify the necessary keywords that your competitors are using. This tool then uses the keywords to dig up the right content that you can re-post across your platforms. Moreover, you can use this tool to get the right kind of keywords for the latest content.


Buzzsumo is a favorite social media optimization tool that helps you to monitor what your competitors are doing. The good news about using Buzzsumo is that you do not have to take a lot of time on it because its dashboard summarizes all the key metrics that you need. It is easy to use the summarized metric to address the critical issues related to your social media presence.

In summary, managing your social media pages can be an easy task if you use the right tool. Most of the tools that have been discussed in this section have been made to address all the critical issues of social media optimization. However, a few can be used to treat only specific problems such as creating fresh content or listening to social media chatter.


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